Moving To Chalakudy

Well the deal is done. I have forked over the advance rent payment for two months to my landowner. It’s the same place that I mentioned in an earlier post. After I spoke to them they said that they would fix the issue that I had with the bathroom and have a proper toilet installed in there. While that was being done, I went to see them this morning (after my night shifted ended) and I reached there at 7 am and paid two months rent in advance. After I spent an hour speaking with them I went to the nearby market area in order to look for furniture stores. Ofcourse they weren’t open at that hour so I looked around for a small tea shop for a coffee and some breakfast.

I then waited outside the store to until they opened. Arun, a colleague, also joined me and went to a place called Quality Furniture and then walked to bigger place called Modern Furniture and then two more places. After much haggling and discussing, we finalized on buying a bed from one place, a mattress and a plastic table from another. We arranged for the stuff to be delivered to my new place and we went along to place them inside the rooms. After that it was onto the Chalakudy KSRTC bus stand and waiting for a bus. We had some lemonade and a bite to eat and I bought some water too as I was parched with thirst. Ironically during the monsoon, I had to choose the hottest and sunniest day in recent memory to walk along the market for nearly 4 hours in search of furniture!

After waiting for a while, we boarded a bus for Aluva and from there I took the low floor Volvo bus to Kacheripady. By the time I reached home it was 2pm and I was dead tired. I had sweated a couple of litres, got cramps and was ready  to be put down. I changed my clothes and ate my lunch. For a while I sat at my laptop and tried watching some tv series. But by 4pm (remember that I had just worked a night shift) and sleep caught up with me. From 4pm till 10pm I just slept off, dead to the world. I’m taking leave from work till this Monday to sort out stuff at home and then pack my stuff and move to Chalakudy. Alone at last in a couple of days.