When Is It Ok To Cheat?

Hmmm. I would say that usually it is not ok to cheat. Like if it is a competition or work or whatever. Cheating is never good. I do understand that sometimes, in order for the greater good, the rules have to be bent to see the right thing done. As to how much bending is the question.

What would you do if a family, a community or homeless kids depended on you winning a competition / prize money for their survival? An orphanage could be lost, a community led sports center or a playground. And the opponent are mean, heartless, bastards who treat everyone else really badly. And no one likes them. So would you cheat just a little bit to give yourself the edge (I’m going into sappy, corny Hollywood rom-com movie territory here fellas)?

Would ya? Would ya? I think the circumstances will dictate it and even though I wouldn’t condone it, I would understand it. Hell I might even help you cheat!

Innerevolution – Philip Sayce

I first came to know about Philip Sayce and his guitar playing abilities due to his liaison with Jeff Healey, touring with the late Blues legend and often jamming with him on twin guitar ditties and playing on two albums for Jeff. Post that Philip has also spent time touring with Uncle Kracker and more recently his high profile stint as the lead guitarist for Melissa Ethridge. In July 2010, Philip Sayce supported the legendary ZZ Top in Europe. In December 2010 he supported Deep Purple on their French dates. Along the way the Welsh-Canadian blues guitarist has also released two solo albums, the second of which is what I am reviewing here.

Innerevolution is a Bluesfest, dripping with rawking hot guitar leads and breaks but Sayce is a good vocalist as well, bringing us to mind a more rocking sounding Gavin DeGraw. He also has elements of Stevie Ray Vaughn & Jimi Hendrix in him – his two heroes growing up. Starting off with a thumping drums solo, Changes comes charging outta your speakers, like a rhino on steroid. It’s a song about picking up the pieces and rolling with the changes. Richard Marx has co-written some tracks on this record, like Scars the second track. Wah-wah drenched lead guitar rips through the track, singing to a lover that everyone has their scars, their pains and their hurts. Rolling drums leads into the main guitar riff announcing the onset of Bitter Monday a very energetic crowd pleaser during live performances. It’s a pulsating track about regrets and the morning after.

Anymore really sounds like Philip is using his DeGraw influences; the songs sounds like it could find a place in the latter’s repertoire. Lyrically it’s a heart-break song and about moving on. From the little subtle previous track, he goes all out a bit more in the rambunctious Take You Away which is more hard rock & roll and features a screaming solo lead guitar. Daydream Tonight is more sublime and tender, a ballad from the heart. Another wah-wah laden riff introduces the next track; My Pearl is just appreciation for the woman in your life. The chorus sounds very rnb or Motown. There’s some delectable keyboard playing during the chorus too. A nice brooding blues-rock number is Tennessee Girl, about a heartbreak & outlaw girl from the mentioned state.  A bad girl who can cause a lot of damage.

Are You Ready is a question in the form of a song to the lover is she is ready to commit and ready to accept the love of the singer. It’s a very catchy number. Another rawking track is Gimme Some More, a song about sex and love. And we come to the 11th & final track called Little Miss America, a number about the glamour & wealth that young women would do anything to possess. It’s almost got a political message to the US as a whole.

I really like this guy’s music and enjoyed the whole album; no weak tracks just a great bunch of blues rock numbers. Incidentally this album is dedicated to his mentor the late Jeff Healey. Here’s a live rendition of Bitter Monday.

Evening Out With The Boys

Yesterday I went over to Padma Junction at around 3:30 pm joining my friend Anil in an auto along the way. I needed to buy an electrical stove, the small one, the kind that allows you to heat up one vessel at a time. Ofcourse the reason is that I am moving to a rented place in Chalakudy and, well, I’m gonna need something to heat up my water for coffee and make some food. Like I stated before the only thing I will be able to make is veggie sandwiches and instant noodles. No eggs or meat as the landowner’s very specific about it, what with the house being right next to a temple and the gods have sensitive noses that cannot tolerate any meat smells or meat being cooked!

Anyways, Anil and I went to the White Planet store (where they have lots of household items) on MG Road and I quickly purchased an electric stove and paid for it. We then hailed an auto and went over to Coffee Beans to meet up with Madhu who was waiting for us. we had a lemonade each and I strategically place both them both married old men on one side of the table as I sat on the table that’s against the wall. Reason? The table opposite ours had 3 really good looking women sitting there, with this really sexy looking fair maiden in a purple churidhar, with wavy hair and a little tattoo on her arm that was driving me crazy! Eye candy to behold and to be held (LOL). Anyways, we needed some drinks and off we went to Velocity Bar.

We didn’t stay long at the bar, just around 2 hours or so. Anil had brandy and I had vodka and Madhu just had some more lemonade as he is currently taking some medicines and he shouldn’t be drinking. For food in the evening we had some eggs (omelets and hard boiled), some chilly chicken, a salad, chilly fish (which was reall good) and a plate of chicken spring rolls (which was delicious). We talked and laughed as usual and then left around 6:30. I said my goodbyes, went to a medical store to buy mom her meds and then heaed back home.