The Melancholic & Mellifluous Melody

In lieu of me moving from my comfort zone of my home and Cochin and a little away from family, this song keeps coming to my mind. First of all guitarist Andy McKee wrote this brilliant, melodic & melancholic piece of music on a similar situation – he wrote it when he moved away from home, quit college and decided to pursue music against his father’s wishes. He remembered the feeling of being a little scared and yet a whole lot of excitement at venturing out on his own. When he made a name for himself, his father was quite proud of him.

Although I am much older than Andy when he moved and I have nothing but my folks’ best wishes & blessings, I am still a little apprehensive at this move due to not having enough funds, choosing a place that’s not as good as I would have wanted it to be and not wanting to move from my hometown to this city. But I did it because I feel that it would be better for me rather than traveling all that time in the bus and save my back from the pain I’ve been feeling the last few weeks. And anyway, it’s a beauty of a song. Enjoy Drifting by Andy McKee.

The Bachelor’s Way

So how is everyone doing today? Me – well after work I walked in the pouring rain towards the bus stop and waited for about 10 minutes for a bus to Chalakudy. I got in, glad to get some respite from the rains. Within a few minutes I got down at my stop and had a cup of coffee at a shop nearby. The hot coffee was quite welcome, even if it wasn’t that great (some low cost brand). After that I needed to buy a couple of things from the nearby shops – washing powder for my clothes, a loaf of bread and some instant noodles for dinner. I bought these and then headed towards my new home.

Once there I noticed that I could not see anyone in any of the houses near the one that I was staying in. Not a single person to be seen, not even a silhouette and it was only 7:30 pm! Must all be hiding due to the rain! Anyway, I unlocked the door, took my shoes off and got in, placed my dripping wet umbrella in a corner and closed the windows of the living room. Let me explain – the windows were open but they have a separate screen door on all the windows, which lets in the air but keeps out the mosquitoes! So I closed them and then switched on the light in my bedroom and then…. “I thought I saw a puddy cat!” I looked closer and yes “I did saw a puddy cat”! Bugger was in my kitchen and I chased him out through the kitchen windows and then closed them.

I then spoke to my landlord and his wife – turns out that the cat is theirs and he had wandered in. I spend about 20 minutes talking to them and then closed the door that connects their part of the house to my section. I then unpacked the plastic table from it’s carton and set it up. It was easier than I expected it to be. Over it now sits my laptop, with two speakers and a mouse (the computer kind, don’t worry I didn’t have another visitor). I changed my clothes and then unpacked the kitchen stuff – electric stove, electric kettle, plates, vessels, glasses, knives, spoons & forks. I put aside some stuff into the two cupboards that are there in the kitchen and placed some on the kitchen counter. Then I went to lie down on my bed and switch on the lappy. I soon got calls from mom, dad & my sister to find out how the move went.

After speaking with them, I selected a movie – Airheads to put me in a good mood – and watched about 20 minutes of it before I began to feel hungry. I went into the kitchen and got some water in a vessel and cooked the noodles on the stove. It was slow going, as I have never used an electric stove before. Unsure and a little apprehensive, I did manage to cook the noodles and then took the bowl and a fork to my bedroom and ate my dinner in front of the laptop while I watched the movie. Oh and I also killed a cockroach in the bathroom – no way was I gonna share the tiny bathroom with it! Once the movie was over I laid back on my bed and tried reading for a bit. I must have however fallen asleep quite quickly and I woke up at around 6:15 am with all the lights on. Morning had arrived and after a while I made some coffee and sipped it while listening to some tunes on my headphones.

I took a cold but refreshing bath and for breakfast I had bread & jam sandwiches, which I ate without using a plate (hey, that’s less cleaning for me). I then dressed to get ready to go to the office and then locked the house and went to work.