If I Could Only See For A Day

Wow that is a very difficult one to answer. I do not think that most of us, who take sight for granted, can ever comprehend blindness. Not being able to see the computer screen in front of you, the sky, the trees, the birds, the road, the people, the shops, the buildings, animals. rivers & ponds, the cars, the bikes, the beautiful women, the raindrops falling after a hot summer day, the flowers, your favourite sports or tv series or movies, your friends, your family! It’s not something I often think about but the fact is, I take my ability to see, albeit with the aid of glasses to aid my short-sightedness, a little too much for granted.

Having said that I, along with millions of others I presume, cannot help but feel pity for a blind person. The things that they are missing! – is the first sentence that pops into my mind. It might be haughty of me but yes without seeing the world around you, I do not think that it is worth living. It’s just too colourful, too vivid and too detailed for someone to explain in just words spoken. How does one explain in words a gorgeous sunset or sunrise? I wouldn’t dare think that my words can even describe one to 10% of it’s actual beauty.

Coming back to the specific topic at hand, how would I possibly choose just one day out of all in my lifetime to see, if I was blind? Well I thought & thought and I can only come up with this – ok, if I was blind but I could choose one day to see, I would want to see the day that all my favourite sports teams win their sports’ biggest trophy/league, my favourite music bands all perform one after the other live on stage in front of me, my family & friends are in one room, having a big ole party with me, and it’s New Year’s eve and then to end the night – the sexiest woman in the whole world, with the most knockout body, undress herself & me in my bedroom when we are alone to make the most raunchiest of all raunchiest sex acts with me!

Good day, eh?