The Evening Back In Chalakudy

Well I am back in the rented place in Chalakudy. Glad to know that the place looks the same as when I left it two Saturdays ago. Once I reached the office I was greeted with no internet – the cable got cut near the office and therefore we have no internet. Luckily for me I had my laptop and my USB data thingy and could get online. I had received the details of a new project that we might take up and work on. Most of my afternoon was spent discussing this. I was alone in the office for about 90 minutes and felt about the most loneliest that I have ever felt in a long, long time.

I was in the office till 6pm and then I hailed an auto taxi to take me and my luggage to Chalakudy. On the way over here I bought some instant noodles, bread and jam for my food – looks like these will be my staple food as long as I live in this house. I hope to get the garbage thing sorted out over here. I apprehensively opened the door to the section of the old house that I am renting. Its still darker than most place that I have been to but luckily it looks ok. The place smells a little damp as I had left some clothes to dry and since, like I mentioned before, the place gets very little sunlight and I had closed all the windows, it wasn’t a surprise. I hope to air the place once it is morning.

Nothing much to do here. I’ve been chatting with a former colleague Leslie who is now living & working in Wayanad. He has taken up an apartment in Sultan Bathery on rent and soon his wife will join him. He is bored over there, just like I am here, and bought some small burgers (more like buns with bits of meat cutlet inside) and is waiting for dinner time to eat them and then go to bed. Me? I will make my noodles, eat them at the laptop and watch some Stargate : Atlantis. Sleep is far away.