Saturday Post

Hey what’s going on good people? Keep on Rocking and I hope you have a great weekend. Everyone should have a 2 day weekend but unfortunately in this developing nation of ours, we have 6 day work weeks for most jobs. I’m not really that used to it as for the best part of the last 2 years I’ve had atleast 2 Saturdays off in a month and for almost 3 years in a previous job I’ve had 2 day weekends (maybe not always Saturdays & Sundays due to rotating work shifts). This current job is tiring in the fact that I have a longer distance to commute and I have 6 day work weeks.

I plan to go out this Sunday and enjoy myself with some drinks. Meanwhile here are some pics. Over the last few days we had a cable fault in the office which meant no internet for us for 3 straight days. It was only fixed last evening but due to the fact that I had recently bought a USB internet device from Reliance, I was able to use my laptop and check mails and even play around on facebook. Here is my faithful laptop which I placed on a different cabinet. That’s the USB dongle hanging out on the left side of the picture.

Working Saturdays in this Infopark in Thrissur also has a downside. The main cafeteria does not open on Saturdays, mainly due to the fact that there are less people working on this day of the week. Plus, when I asked them they told me that the kitchen has not be completed and hence they are bringing in food from the main branch of the Infopark, which is all the way over in Kakkanad. They have assured us that they will begin 24/7 services from the 1st week of August. That will be good as we also work night shifts in our company. I myself will be moving back to night shifts in a few days.

So what do we do for lunch on Saturdays? Well the little town that the Infopark is located in has very little in terms of being able to eat out, so the Infopark has a smaller independently run canteen within the premises. Saturday is a lean day for them too however and they only stock snacks and biscuits. For lunch today me and my tech in charge ate the following; one omelet and a cup of noodles. The noodles does not taste that good at all and the masala seems to be attracted to the bottom of the cup. They do make a nice omelet though and we were grateful for the food. He also had a cup of tea while I chose a lemonade.

The only problem was within 4 hours I was feeling hungry again. On my way back home, I stopped at Cafe Coffee Day for some food. I had a Devil’s Own – a frappe with rich cream on top – and a grilled chicken tikka sandwich. I love the crunch and taste of grilled sandwiches and chicken tikka sandwiches are the bomb! I ate my sandwich, listened to some tunes in the cafe and chilled there for an hour. Then it was back home.