Would You Want To Have Pets?

I do not currently have a pet to call my own. As some of you will know, I’ve had a Golden Retriever named Shawny for 11 years from when she was 45 days old till her death. A few years before that I had a Pomerian-Alsatian mix pup named Lassie who only lasted a few days as she had an infection, from even before we got her, before she passed away. My sister’s dog, Shawny Jr., lived with me & my folks for year while my sister’s house was being built. And I’ve had 2 cats, Lollipop & Chocolate for a few years, as well as taken care of 4 strays for a few days. Include numerous fish and some love birds over the years.

From the age of 11 till 30 I’ve had some pet or the other, animals like cats & dogs. For almost 5 years now I’ve not had the companionship of a pet, the soft, warm, fuzzy feeling when you stroke fur and scratch their ears or belly. Nothing else is more down to Earth than getting an affection lick from your dog. In the last few years I’ve yearned to own a dog & maybe a cat or two of my own but since I live in an apartment it is impossible to keep one. Whenever I see certain types of dogs like retrievers or Labs, I get a twinge in my heart and I’d love to go and pet it.

In a funny weird way, I’m more excited about seeing people’s dogs than their babies! My cousin Raju just got a 2 month old male Rottweiler pup and I’m so happy for him. He got the pup a week ago but I just came to know it yesterday. Previously he had a Dobermann bitch for almost 12 years. My sister’s dog Jr had birthed two doggies – a male & a female – who I have never seen. But I really want to see them; they’re family.

Someday I will move to a different place or finally be able to afford my own place and I will get a dog and a couple of cats. If I have children, I would want them to know the pleasure & happiness of having pets. Taking care of them, playing with them and raising them. Humans aren’t just good enough on their own. We need our buddies with us.