On Finishing Books; Obligation?

Hmmm I like this question; are we just talking about books or books as a metaphor for the projects that we take up in life? Interesting, well I’ll answer about books here. I do feel obligated to finish all books that I have picked up to start reading. After all it’s just a book and it shouldn’t be too much trouble to finish reading it. But have you come across real snorefests, books that made you fall asleep as soon as you have read a few pages?

I have and quite a few most of which I do not remember because I ended up not finishing reading them. They were dull, long winded and written in a monotone kind of writing (whatever that is it does sound right to describe it). I think The Last Temptation Of Christ was one of them. I can’t remember as it has been so many years. I remember that I was trying to read this novel that my sister gave me, while we were vacation in my grandmother’s house many years ago. Every time I would try and read this damned book, I’d fall asleep no more than a few pages in! Like magic; I’d be all awake and alert, pick up this book at around 10:30 am and by 11am I would be snoring on the sofa or bed! I didn’t manage to finish reading it.

Maybe that proves that you shouldn’t read in bed if you want to finish a book. I usually do read in bed and that must explain why I have a few book left to complete reading. Most of them are boring and long which I why I haven’t finished them. But there is one that I have; it’s an interesting one and I can’t wait to see how it ends but I just can’t get to finish reading it. I’m about half way in and it’s a good story but I haven’t read a page of it in the last 2 months! Just crazy!

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