What Do You Worry About?

What does a guy my age worry about?

  • I worry about losing my job, or something happening to it, without a backup in place and struggling for one
  • I worry about health & illness – my folks and mine
  • I worry about death
  • I worry that I will die without finding real happiness
  • I worry about money
  • I worry that I will end up alone
  • I worry that a war will break out and we’ll all get in trouble
  • I worry that stupid dance music, rap, Bollywood music, Tamil music & crappy pop is slowly closing in on me
  • I worry that all them fucking religious fundamentalists & terrorists will blow up  the entire goddamn planet!

Have You Lived In Other Countries Other Than Where You Were Born?

Yes I have – and I'm still living here! Although I am Indian, I was born in Kuwait and lived in Darwaza, a neighbourhood of the capital city, Kuwait City, from birth till the age of 11 (1976-1987) with my parents & sister. We then moved to India and I have lived here ever since. Other than Kuwait, the only country that I have visited is the UK, Newcastle to be exact, for a couple of weeks. That's it folks, that is the extent of my travels outside of the nation. I have barely been to other places in India myself.

What do I remember of Kuwait? Well I probably spent my most carefree years over there. I had tons of friends, lots of fun childhood stuff to do and plenty of good times. We really had the community thing going on over there, being Malayalees or Indians in an Arab land that never fully allowed you to integrate yourself into their country. No rights and no citizenship and therefore you always got the feeling of being a limited access renter in a country. Make your money, have a good career and then get out! Still, I love Kuwait and I would love to visit her some day. Hope it is sooner rather than later.

I would love to see, visit or live in Canada. Maybe someday I will see her and do all of the things that my Canadian friends enjoy ever there. Some Canadian beer and poutine will go down well and take in a hockey game. I would love to Spain, Germany, France, Britain, parts of the US, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Holland and that's just some of the places that I would love to see.

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