I Am So Disappointed On My Ship

Remember when I was so excited about getting my own starship? My very own spaceship? Well that was on the 11th of July and I was so happy to be finally able to get a model of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek that I love so much and wanted for so long.

And today, the courier guys called me to confirm my residence so that they could bring it to me. Man was I jumping for joy. Until I opened the damn thing. It came in a box that shows the damn ship the way it looks like in the movies. But that is not what it looks like. Here is the box they couriered it in and here is the damn ship after I assembled it.

It is so flimsy and it took me almost 90 minutes to assemble the fucking thing. Plus it is kinda fragile since the material is so cheap and flimsy. I spent a long time on it. And it’s decal but I have never done decal before and I find it to be a pile of elephant dung. Here is the box that shows you the ship as to how it should look like.

And here in the bottom photo is the damn thing 90 minutes after I started to assemble it. Decal sucks. Although it is something that you can moist and then stick onto the model, it as has got almost 70 decals and is gonna take me a long time to get it done but I do not like the way that it looks like. Shit! A waste, a big waste.

If any of you know of a good realistic model of the USS Enterprise please do let me know. I’d like one that looks like the model in the link to my previous post on buying this on 11th July.