An Amusing Coversation Not Meant For Me

I once got a call from a gal who dialed my number by mistake and spoke to me thinking I was her boyfriend! Yeah, the nutcase was not thrown off by my voice and when I understood that she hadn’t realized that I was not who she intended to call, I kept most of my answers to mono-syllables and verbal nods to see how long I could continue this conversation with dumbo-girl without her coming to know that she had made a big boo-boo!

So I was all “hmmm”, “oh”, “uh ha” etc just to keep the conversation going. It also helped that the young lady in question was telling about something that had happened in her college involving her friends and she kept going on & on & on, at times not even waiting for me to acknowledge anything at all. I was mostly trying to control my laughter and ensure that I didn’t give myself up. I was thinking “man, this chick is so dumb” and kept on listening to her ramble on.

It was only when she asked me some question for which I had to give a full sentence that I let her know that she had dialed a wrong number from her landline to my cell number. You can imagine her embarrassment and my chuckles.

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