All Tired Out

Ho hum! What up dawg? I am so bored and tired and for some reason, extremely thirsty even if I’ve been drinking a lot of water today. I’m quite tired because I did not get a good sleep but what’s with the thirst! I was so sleepy by the time I reached home that I didn’t wait for breakfast, just had a coffee – funny it didn’t keep me awake for much more than 45 minutes – and then went to sleep at 9am. Unfortunately I woke up by 12 am and it took me a while to get some more sleep. At 1:45 pm I got hungry and so went to have some lunch. No sleep was possible after that so I watched an episode from season 4 of Star Trek: TNG and a couple of episodes from season 4 of Stargate: Atlantis. And also one from Corner Gas….season 4! Just what is it with me and Season 4s!!!

So now I’m drinking cups of strong black coffee until it is time for me to take a shower and get ready for work. I’ve just been wondering that my walls are bare, except for big framed artwork, and it would look good to have a couple more in the room. The one that I have is a 3D effect image of two love birds that was a gift from my former team at my last job on my birthday last year. And other than a small wall clock, that’s it. This from a guy who had so many posters (sportspeople, sports team &  rock bands/musicians) on my wall in our old house. I had so many up and I was meticulous enough that it actually looked like wallpaper. And admired by a lot of people who saw it.

I would like to see my old team this Sunday and I am trying to arrange an evening out on Sunday. It will serve as a farewell for one of the members, who is quitting my old office and moving back to Thrissur. She is also getting married in a month or so. I hope the other 4 will also soon leave the office and find work elsewhere. Things are not going good at all over there.