Music I’ve Been Listening To Recently

My music collection, as recently stated, is huge. I’ve stored all my music on mp3 format and that runs to about 51.5 GB worth of files! That’s a lot for one guy. Some of the stuff I don’t listen to much, some none at all but it’s still there. I like to have music playing all the time, other than work. I usually carry songs on my BlackBerry’s storage space and change the songs every week. I have about an 80-90 minute commute one way from my home to the office 6 days a week and what’s a better way to occupy your time than listening to music.

Lately I’ve been listening to old favourites like Van Halen, Metallica, Guns n’Roses, Deep Purple, Poison, Aerosmith, Whitesnake & Def Leppard on my phone’s memory card (what is it, a rehash of the 80s top billing for rock bands???). Some of the songs I haven’t heard in a while and they just come rushing back like an old friend who you haven’t seen in a long while. Granted that some of this bands are still big and created albums in recent years but a sense of nostalgia arises when I listen to these bands. Considering the fact that I started listening to them before I was old enough to shave or drink!

But the songs also keep the adrenaline pumping just as it was when I was 12, 13,14 or 15! Imagine a 13 year old yours truly singing ‘Walk This Way’ dripping with so much sexual innuendo, most of which he didn’t understand at that age! I was a rocker way back then and still am at 35 and will always be one. Those are the bands that I have in my BB’s memory card! Rock on dudes!

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Officer Hightower Is No More

Moses Hightower is dead! The American football player/actor Charles Aaron “Bubba” Smith who played the character of Hightower in all but 1 of the Police Academy series of movies died yesterday of reported natural causes. He was 66 years old.

A college & NFL football player in the 60s & 70s he started acting in small roles on tv in the late 70s and went on to get his fame as the former florist who joins up to be a cop. Hightower was a 6ft 7in man known for his immense strength but also for being the most soft-spoke of the lot in the comedy series.

RIP Charles Aaron “Bubba” Smith