Master of Ceremony

Jamie Humphries  is a British based guitarist who plays in the style of a rock instrumentalist and does clinics, instructional videos and reviews. He has a few albums out and is a Ernie Ball Music Man guitar endorsee, for whom he also does clinics & review videos. Here he is using a custom built Musicman Silhouette Special, with DiMarzio Area single coils in the middle and neck, and a DiMarzio Fast Track Rail in the Bridge. This song is called Ceremony.

August – My Favorite Month

Favourite month? I supposed it’s either August, cause my birthday falls on the second. That’s one reason to like it right? You only get a birthday once a year and even if growing older blows, it’s still a special day. Also India’s Independence Day falls on the 15th. Two days to look forward to in this month. Both are rather special days. One for personal reasons and the other for remembering the struggles that your fellow Indians went through to assure you the freedom & rights that you now enjoy and take so much for granted these days.

Gotta get me some coffee here. Sip…..ah! Why else do I like August so much? I dunno, its summer in most countries and hence has the hottest days in most of them but we’re smack down in the middle of the monsoon season over here in Kerala. It’s raining quite a bit and umbrellas are out in full force. Plus it’s cooler here than usual because of the rains and the winds. I need a blanket some days when it gets too cold. There’s a lot of movies out, the summer blockbusters and the time is right to spend many hours drinking lattes or mochaccinos in your favourite cafes. That’s why I like August.

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