Got Wet, Got Sick

I do not feel good at all. Yesterday I left home earlier than usual to meet a relative at the underground cafe of the Gokulam Park Hotel near the Kaloor bus stand. On my way to the cafe and coming out I got a little bit wet in the pouring rain. I was in the cafe for about 90 minutes and I had hoped the hot coffee would warm me up.

But late in the night while at work I started getting a little ill and soon had difficulty breathing. After taking my inhaler, I went to a closed cabinet and relaxed on the chairs over there, putting my feet up and closing my eyes for a little shut-eye. I was sure that I would start getting a fever soon. I didn’t although I started coughing a bit. I left for home at 6am and the cold winds blowing in my face must not have done me any good. I came home and had coffee & breakfast and went to bed sooner than usual. I was soon fast asleep.

I woke up and had some lunch and went back to bed to relax and watch some videos. I started getting a cold & runny nose and a bad cough. My temperature is now a little high. I’ve taken some medicine but I guess I am going to need some rest. And now I am sure that I’m coming down with a fever. Ah! I love the rains but not if I am going to get sick.