If I Were An Inanimate Object

Well since I’ve given life a go, why not an inanimate object. Now if it’s an inanimate object for a hot, sexy woman:

I could be a powerboat, sailing the seven seas, docking at various ports, seeing the world. Stop at various points on the way as you fish or snorkel. Or skinny dip! Or sunbath naked on my deck!

I could be an aeroplane, free as a bird, fly you as high and to as many exotic places as possible. Up, up & away! Come fly with me, come fly & we’ll join the mile high club all of our own!

I’d like to be your bed – come in at the end of a long hard day and curl up on me, let my cool sheets sooth your skin and take away the harms of the cruel world.

I wanna be your bathtub, your soap bubbles that form all over you, invigorating your skin and your senses and washing all over your body. I’d be your soap, your scrubber and your rubber duck! And in the end, I’d be your towel and your bathrobe honey.

I’d wanna be your chocolate, your wine, your food & your purse. I’d be your car, your clothes, your high heeled shoes, your lipstick and your perfume – spay me all over you babe and you’ll smell so fine.

But most of all I just wanna be – your wonderbra!

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