My Ideal Saturday Night

Hmmm the ideal Saturday night for me is pretty simple. Friends, food & drinks with some coffee along the way would be the perfect Saturday night.

Let’s see, it would start early with some coffee in a nice cozy cafe with my two best friends – the infamous duo of Madhu & Anil. If we had some nice eye candy in the cafe, giggling nearby for our benefit, that would be great too! Not necessarily but yeah, it can’t hurt the day. So say meeting my buds at around 6 or 6:30 pm and having a cold coffee while we chat about stuff that happened to us during the past week. A few jokes and some laughs and an hour has passed us by.

Post this we would hail an auto and make our way to one of the lounge type bars that we like in the city. We arrive there, get our favourite booth with comfy sofa type seats and relax into it. We order our drinks which is usually vodka, whiskey & brandy and then rounds of snacks – beef, pork and chicken or maybe even eggs. More laughing and more jokes while we down our drinks and relax the evening away. By 11pm we’d get some soup and finish our food and then leave for the night.

Perfect, simple, lots of fun and good food and drinks with the two best friends that I can ever hope to have. That’s all I want. That’s a perfect Saturday night.

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A Food I Was Surprised To Like

Frogs legs. I clearly remember the first time that I have had this particular dish. I must have been around 13-14 and it was at a Yatch’s club party here in Cochin. This was part of the Lion’s Club programme and my dad and couple of my uncles were members at one time. I remember that along with me & my folks & sister, a bunch of my relatives were there as well. The party/program must have started around 11am and gone on till the early evening hours.

Every was enjoying the nice summer day with the breeze coming in from being right next to the sea. Pristine location, pristine club and they made a great venue even better by the food that they serve. Anyways, I remember that my cousin Raju and I walked in to the bar area, looking for our uncle, who was sipping beer and munching something on a huge plate. We asked him what it was and he replied “Frog’s legs”! “Yuck”! was my reply and my cousin too but on the insistence of our uncle, we decided to reluctantly try a piece each.

Surprisingly we both liked it and liked it a lot. Raju and I sat there and polished the whole plate clean and one of the servers brought more. We loved it so much that my poor uncle probably felt that he made a mistake in introducing it to us. After that day I have tried looking for Forg’s legs but have only had it twice since then.

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