If I Could Make an Appearance on Any TV Show

A guest appearance on a tv show? if it can only be current shows, the only one that I am interested in appearing now, where it can be an interesting angle, will be Sanctuary. I dunno how many of you watch Sanctuary but it is a very interesting Scifi show, albeit shot mostly in green screen which does admittedly take away some of the shine from the episodes.However I do like the show and the characters & they do seem to be doing something correct as they are the only scifi show in recent years that hasn’t been cancelled.

Sanctuary, which has been renewed for a 4th season of 13 episodes – seasons 1 & 2 were 13 episodes while season 3, which I am currently watching, was 20 episodes – relies on the interactions between a solid cast (Amanda Tapping, Robin Dunne, Agam Darshi, Ryan Robbins & Christopher Heyerdahl) and lots of special effects to showcase the various creatures or abnormal humans that the Sanctuary team must hunt and in some cases protect. The creatures & humans mostly have some special powers that lead them to be dangerous or valuable and in some cases both.

So I would want to be a human with some special powers who will have a 3 or 4 episode arc and who is hunted for his powers that a criminal group want to utilize for their benefit & profit. I am contacted by the Sanctuary team who offer to help me and protect me from the bad guys. At the end of the 4 episode arc, I am killed while protecting innocents. That would be cool.

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