A Fascinating Time Period

The 7000’s! Yes you read that right, it’s waaaaaaaaay out there in the future but I have seen more than a glimpse of it and I would love to be alive during that time as I find it a truly magnificent & utterly fascinating time to be alive in. You want to know what it’s like. Well sit back my dear boys & girls and assorted animals. This is what the year 7000 looks like.

First of all we humans do not live on Earth anymore. So do not get attached to good ole momma earth in any way. She wasn’t going to last. No by the late 2400s we had so screwed up the planet and it’s atmosphere that humans living on earth was dangerous. The only way was to leave and so we did. Temporary settlements on Mars, Titan and several of the moons in the solar system helped for a while but it wasn’t a permanent solution. So by 2500 all humans had packed up and left the earth in various sized spaceships, taking all the things that we needed along with us, and settled on 3 different sized planets in another system.

Ofcourse we also took along with us most of the animal species that survived till that year. Dogs & cats ofcourse live with us and most families had atleast one or more as a pet and the dogs & cats lived in housings along with their owners. Birds, tigers, lions, all big cats, wolves, bears, elephants etc all of them were housed in huge enclosures and then re-populated on these 3 planets. Cities were built on these 3 planets and we lived on them. However we needed more space and we also wanted the animals to live on more space. We wanted wide open land for all the animals. These 3 planets were fine for a few centuries but we needed more. So the search was on for our permanent homes.

Around the year 3200 we found them – 13 big planets, almost all the same size in a huge solar system with many moons and more planets. These 13 planets were terraformed to suit our needs (yes our scientists had achieved this art) and soon the human & animal population were re-settled on these 13 planets, each one slightly different from the rest but each one lush with greenery & vegetation, mountains, lakes, rivers, oceans and also climate controlled. This is where we have been living since the 3200s, when we first arrived here and now onto the year 7000 and beyond. It’s a great time to be in with space exploration, scientific research, meeting new alien species, some enemies while others friends, and finding out more & more exciting things.

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