RIP Shammi ‘Junglee’ Kapoor

India & Bollywood fans wept as the news of the death of yesterdays superstar Shammi Kappor came to be known. He was 79 years old and passed away around 5:15 am at the Breach Candy hospital in Mumbai.

He was born Shamsher Raj Kapoor to film & theatre actor Prithviraj Kapoor, the second of three film actor sons  – Raj & Shashi Kapoor being his siblings. One of the finest actors that Hindi or Indian film can boast of, he was a leading star during the 1950s & 60s he attained the image of a light-hearted, stylish playboy. Tall, athletic, lively, fair complexioned, green-eyed and with handsome features- Shammi was a heartthrob, and his good looks and physique complemented his image.

With the superhit Junglee (1961) his fame was at it’s peak and his war cry ‘Yahoo’ was often imitated by wannabe stars & romeos. His dancing was so popular that he made fans in far of Russia & China. By the 70s his weight gain ended his chances of being the romantic hero and he moved on to character & supporting roles. He married actress Geetha Bali in 1955 and had two children with her. After she passed away in 1965 due to small pox and he married Neela devi in 1969.

Shammi Kapoor was the founder and chairman of Internet Users Community of India (IUCI). He has also played a major role in setting up internet organizations like the Ethical Hackers Association. Kapoor also maintains a website dedicated to the ‘Kapoor family’.

Shammi Kapoor (Shamsher Raj Kapoor) (21 October 1931 – 14 August 2011)

My Ideal Saturday Night

Hmmm the ideal Saturday night for me is pretty simple. Friends, food & drinks with some coffee along the way would be the perfect Saturday night.

Let’s see, it would start early with some coffee in a nice cozy cafe with my two best friends – the infamous duo of Madhu & Anil. If we had some nice eye candy in the cafe, giggling nearby for our benefit, that would be great too! Not necessarily but yeah, it can’t hurt the day. So say meeting my buds at around 6 or 6:30 pm and having a cold coffee while we chat about stuff that happened to us during the past week. A few jokes and some laughs and an hour has passed us by.

Post this we would hail an auto and make our way to one of the lounge type bars that we like in the city. We arrive there, get our favourite booth with comfy sofa type seats and relax into it. We order our drinks which is usually vodka, whiskey & brandy and then rounds of snacks – beef, pork and chicken or maybe even eggs. More laughing and more jokes while we down our drinks and relax the evening away. By 11pm we’d get some soup and finish our food and then leave for the night.

Perfect, simple, lots of fun and good food and drinks with the two best friends that I can ever hope to have. That’s all I want. That’s a perfect Saturday night.

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A Food I Was Surprised To Like

Frogs legs. I clearly remember the first time that I have had this particular dish. I must have been around 13-14 and it was at a Yatch’s club party here in Cochin. This was part of the Lion’s Club programme and my dad and couple of my uncles were members at one time. I remember that along with me & my folks & sister, a bunch of my relatives were there as well. The party/program must have started around 11am and gone on till the early evening hours.

Every was enjoying the nice summer day with the breeze coming in from being right next to the sea. Pristine location, pristine club and they made a great venue even better by the food that they serve. Anyways, I remember that my cousin Raju and I walked in to the bar area, looking for our uncle, who was sipping beer and munching something on a huge plate. We asked him what it was and he replied “Frog’s legs”! “Yuck”! was my reply and my cousin too but on the insistence of our uncle, we decided to reluctantly try a piece each.

Surprisingly we both liked it and liked it a lot. Raju and I sat there and polished the whole plate clean and one of the servers brought more. We loved it so much that my poor uncle probably felt that he made a mistake in introducing it to us. After that day I have tried looking for Forg’s legs but have only had it twice since then.

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A Fear I’m Working to Overcome

A fear that I have had for a few years now is of losing a job. I mean outright losing, on the spot and ending up with no money. It hasn’t happened to me since 2003 and that was because the stupid company that I had joined went bankrupt and couldn’t pay us our salaries. Nothing that I did. The next job I had, I left on my own choice – made up my mind one month in advance, went to search out for job, landed one and quit. The one after that I again left out of my own accord looking for a better opportunity. That brings me to my last job. The story there was very different.

I was ok there for a very long time and had 4 years there. It was all due to one individual, one bastard sonofabitch that I left. I could have fought to stay on but as long as he was in charge I knew things would not be good and I had to leave. I served a 2 month notice and I left. Did the decent thing, in fact quite a decent thing but still it was not really on my terms. I didn’t want to leave at that point. I wasn’t exactly going great guns and this asshole-in-charge was not supporting me and also creating problems but still leaving at that point wasn’t really what I wanted.

I would have wanted to wait a few more months, find a really nice job and then make the jump. For more money, for a better compensation and a jump that made sense. I couldn’t do that because of Mr.Fuckingmoron and hence had to settle for something that I regretted within 45 days of joining. All because of this bastard. I had to rush and I had to go before I was ready. The fear is there and the fear is real. If I end up without a job it could mean a lot of difficulty, especially if I don’t find a replacement job within the next 30 days of losing the current one I have. That would a disaster, one I am not sure of how I could recover from. If it is within 30 days I am sure that I can bounce back easily.

I would like to blog more about the circumstances that lead to me making the decision to jump from my previous job but I am in a hurry now. I’ll leave it for a later post, when I have more time to put my thoughts together and form it properly.

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RIP : Jani Lane

Jani Lane former singer & songwriter for rock band Warrant was found dead on the  evening of August 11, at a Los Angeles-area hotel. He was 47 years old. His body was discovered at the Comfort Inn hotel in Woodland Hills, California. So far, no official cause of death has been released.

On July 23, Lane took part in a taping of an upcoming episode of the “That Metal Show” alongside Michael Sweet (STRYPER) and Taime Downe (FASTER PUSSYCAT). The program featuring Lane is scheduled to air on October 1 on VH1 Classic.

Lane was the frontman for successful band Warrant during their heydays, releasing the multi-platinum albums DRFSR (1989) & Cherry Pie (1990). Fame, fortune, world tours, top 40 & top 10 singles and the glamourous lifestyle followed. Despite 1992’s critically acclaimed & much darker record, Dog Eat Dog, Warrant would be pushed to the backburner in the onslaught of grunge and the fans & money soon became less. The band then recorded Ultraphobic in 1995, Belly to Belly in 1996, Greatest & Latest in 1999 and a cover album Under the Influence in 2001.

Jane left at this point, citing personal & business difference with the rest of Warrant and until 2008 distanced himself away from the rest. For a brief summer tour of 2008 the original members of Warrant all reunited (they’ve been having lots of members join & drop out) and performed a summer tour but by September Jani left again, mutually agreeing with the band to leave. He continue to do solo shows and writing songs for other artists. He has two solo albums Jabberwocky & Back Down To One (2003)and one with the side project Saints Of The Underground. In the summer of 2010, Lane went on tour with Great White, filling in for singer Jack Russell, who was recuperating from surgery after suffering internal complications.

You will be missed a lot Jani.

Jani Lane (born John Kennedy Oswald, February 1, 1964 – August 11, 2011)

If I Were An Inanimate Object

Well since I’ve given life a go, why not an inanimate object. Now if it’s an inanimate object for a hot, sexy woman:

I could be a powerboat, sailing the seven seas, docking at various ports, seeing the world. Stop at various points on the way as you fish or snorkel. Or skinny dip! Or sunbath naked on my deck!

I could be an aeroplane, free as a bird, fly you as high and to as many exotic places as possible. Up, up & away! Come fly with me, come fly & we’ll join the mile high club all of our own!

I’d like to be your bed – come in at the end of a long hard day and curl up on me, let my cool sheets sooth your skin and take away the harms of the cruel world.

I wanna be your bathtub, your soap bubbles that form all over you, invigorating your skin and your senses and washing all over your body. I’d be your soap, your scrubber and your rubber duck! And in the end, I’d be your towel and your bathrobe honey.

I’d wanna be your chocolate, your wine, your food & your purse. I’d be your car, your clothes, your high heeled shoes, your lipstick and your perfume – spay me all over you babe and you’ll smell so fine.

But most of all I just wanna be – your wonderbra!

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Stay Tuned

Stay Tuned is a 1992 comedy film starring the late loveable actor John Ritter & Pam Dawber (of Mork & Mindy fame) that I remembered loving way back in my late teens and when I found a torrent for it I downloaded a copy of this fun film. Jeffery Jones and Eugene Levy also act in this goofy family friendly comedy.

The Knables live in a nice little suburb of Seattle where couch potato Roy (Ritter) a struggling plumbing salesman lives glued to the tv outside of work, while his neglected wife has a more successful career as a product manager for a Vitamin company. They have two kids – Diane, a typical teenage girl & Darryl a brainy son. After a big fight Helen breaks the tv & storms out for the night, while Mr. Spike arrives to gift a large screen tv with a huge satellite dish & 666 channels. Spike is an associate of the Devil who wants to suck tv addicts souls straight to a television world where the contestants must survive 24 hours of perils in different shows/channels or else their soul will be sucked to hell.

Roy & Helen are soon pulled into this world and must endure the full 24 hours in order to get back to their kids. They have to win a game show, an arctic cabin on fire surrounded by ravenous wolves, a cartoon show where they both become animated mice and are chased by a robotic cat and escape Revolution era France where Roy is also beheaded. Helping them on their journey is a sympathetic Levy who has a score to settle with Spike. Finally the 24 hours are up but Mr. Spike only sends Roy back to his reality – seeing that only he signed the contract. Roy must now dash back to save Helen from a speeding train and fend off Spike, which he does so at the end, aided by son Darryl. Roy & Helen are reunited with their kids and Roy changes his ways. He dramatically cuts back on his TV viewing time and taken up teaching in a fencing class.

Some of the satirical shows seen are a parody of Star Trek : TNG, Wayne’s World, Driving Miss Daisy & Silence Of The Lambs and a funny scene in which Roy finds himself in Three’s Company (the show that made the actor John Ritter famous)! Funny stuff – 7 outta 10!

If I Could Relive One Day of My Past

Reliving one day and only day of my life. Kinda of like Groundhog Day! I dunno, that is a tricky one to choose. Have you ever had one of those days were everything just seemed to click, everything is like, to borrow a phrase from the late actor George Peppard “I love it when a plan comes together” kinda situation? A day that made you feel that no matter from what angle, height or object you fell from, you’d land safely on your two feet – without any pain at all! Has there truly been a day like that?

Where everything was as rosy as the most picturesque garden, all the planets & stars aligned just for you, all the things you set out to do came true and everything was just perfect. Professionally, personally, romantically – everything was just a-ok. Like how Jim Carrey felt when he was initially granted the powers of god in Bruce Almighty. Ha, that would be a riot. Imagine what I could do with so much power! You haven’t had such a day right? Yeah, cause no one has!

So no, I haven’t had one like that and therefore there is no one day that I could choose to go back in time and relive. It wouldn’t be fair to pick just one and I’m sure that I could never pick just one anyway.

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Fever/Sinusitis 2 Roshan 0

Hey my readers how are you, all 6 of you, doing? I’m just recovering from a bad fever, sinusitis, cold and cough. It has not been pretty over folks.

As stated in my earlier post I got wet on Friday evening while going to Gokulam Park Inn and then coming to the bus stop. At work that night I felt sickish and had a little asthma problem which I kinda knew will blow up to more. On my way back in the bus the next morning I was shivering as the cold wind hit me in the face all the while during the ride back. I’ve been taking some medicines for the fever, doing inhalation and taking cough syrups. Yesterday, Sunday of all days, I barely got out of bed and slept through the entire day with just short intervals for food & medicines.

I barely ate anything at all, mostly depending on bread dipped in coffee. My sinus is so hard on me that it affects my hunger and nothing tastes good at all. I didn’t have any lunch either, just sipped on a concoction made for clearing my throat. I feel a little better now but am still extremely tired and I can’t sit up for long as that tired me out. I slept the afternoon away but in the morning I did try to watch me some Corner Gas – that show can chase away your blues a lot!

I’m still a day or two away from getting back in a shape to go to work so I’ll sleep a lot and take plenty of fluids. I also had cramps, fucking motherfucking hell hole of a day, this morning as I wasn’t drinking water the past two days. It hurts like hell, especially when it affects your abdominal area.

Got Wet, Got Sick

I do not feel good at all. Yesterday I left home earlier than usual to meet a relative at the underground cafe of the Gokulam Park Hotel near the Kaloor bus stand. On my way to the cafe and coming out I got a little bit wet in the pouring rain. I was in the cafe for about 90 minutes and I had hoped the hot coffee would warm me up.

But late in the night while at work I started getting a little ill and soon had difficulty breathing. After taking my inhaler, I went to a closed cabinet and relaxed on the chairs over there, putting my feet up and closing my eyes for a little shut-eye. I was sure that I would start getting a fever soon. I didn’t although I started coughing a bit. I left for home at 6am and the cold winds blowing in my face must not have done me any good. I came home and had coffee & breakfast and went to bed sooner than usual. I was soon fast asleep.

I woke up and had some lunch and went back to bed to relax and watch some videos. I started getting a cold & runny nose and a bad cough. My temperature is now a little high. I’ve taken some medicine but I guess I am going to need some rest. And now I am sure that I’m coming down with a fever. Ah! I love the rains but not if I am going to get sick.

Master of Ceremony

Jamie Humphries  is a British based guitarist who plays in the style of a rock instrumentalist and does clinics, instructional videos and reviews. He has a few albums out and is a Ernie Ball Music Man guitar endorsee, for whom he also does clinics & review videos. Here he is using a custom built Musicman Silhouette Special, with DiMarzio Area single coils in the middle and neck, and a DiMarzio Fast Track Rail in the Bridge. This song is called Ceremony.

August – My Favorite Month

Favourite month? I supposed it’s either August, cause my birthday falls on the second. That’s one reason to like it right? You only get a birthday once a year and even if growing older blows, it’s still a special day. Also India’s Independence Day falls on the 15th. Two days to look forward to in this month. Both are rather special days. One for personal reasons and the other for remembering the struggles that your fellow Indians went through to assure you the freedom & rights that you now enjoy and take so much for granted these days.

Gotta get me some coffee here. Sip…..ah! Why else do I like August so much? I dunno, its summer in most countries and hence has the hottest days in most of them but we’re smack down in the middle of the monsoon season over here in Kerala. It’s raining quite a bit and umbrellas are out in full force. Plus it’s cooler here than usual because of the rains and the winds. I need a blanket some days when it gets too cold. There’s a lot of movies out, the summer blockbusters and the time is right to spend many hours drinking lattes or mochaccinos in your favourite cafes. That’s why I like August.

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Music I’ve Been Listening To Recently

My music collection, as recently stated, is huge. I’ve stored all my music on mp3 format and that runs to about 51.5 GB worth of files! That’s a lot for one guy. Some of the stuff I don’t listen to much, some none at all but it’s still there. I like to have music playing all the time, other than work. I usually carry songs on my BlackBerry’s storage space and change the songs every week. I have about an 80-90 minute commute one way from my home to the office 6 days a week and what’s a better way to occupy your time than listening to music.

Lately I’ve been listening to old favourites like Van Halen, Metallica, Guns n’Roses, Deep Purple, Poison, Aerosmith, Whitesnake & Def Leppard on my phone’s memory card (what is it, a rehash of the 80s top billing for rock bands???). Some of the songs I haven’t heard in a while and they just come rushing back like an old friend who you haven’t seen in a long while. Granted that some of this bands are still big and created albums in recent years but a sense of nostalgia arises when I listen to these bands. Considering the fact that I started listening to them before I was old enough to shave or drink!

But the songs also keep the adrenaline pumping just as it was when I was 12, 13,14 or 15! Imagine a 13 year old yours truly singing ‘Walk This Way’ dripping with so much sexual innuendo, most of which he didn’t understand at that age! I was a rocker way back then and still am at 35 and will always be one. Those are the bands that I have in my BB’s memory card! Rock on dudes!

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Officer Hightower Is No More

Moses Hightower is dead! The American football player/actor Charles Aaron “Bubba” Smith who played the character of Hightower in all but 1 of the Police Academy series of movies died yesterday of reported natural causes. He was 66 years old.

A college & NFL football player in the 60s & 70s he started acting in small roles on tv in the late 70s and went on to get his fame as the former florist who joins up to be a cop. Hightower was a 6ft 7in man known for his immense strength but also for being the most soft-spoke of the lot in the comedy series.

RIP Charles Aaron “Bubba” Smith

ROSHAN’S ELEVEN: Fortune Cookies

Bet you won’t find these fortunes in the cookies that you eat!

1. You will be reading something stupid today

2. Confucius is now confused

3. Ok you have had enough; go to sleep

4. Really? A fortune in a cookie. Get a brain!

5. Bet you wish you had gone to that Italian place down the street now huh?

6. Don’t eat me, I’m stale!

7. Hey there good lookin, watchya got cookin!

8. Really, I’m gonna be eaten up by you of all people?

9. I see dead people

10. The Truth is out there!

11. Live Long & Prosper

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A Quite Celebration

I have to go to work tonight, doing the usual 10pm-6am shift, so therefore I am not fully free and cannot go out in the evening to enjoy a few with friends. And since I can’t skip work today and cannot skip going out on my birthday as well, I decided to go out earlier. I went over to Coffee Cube on Convent Junction for a nice brunch  – a chicken sandwich and a hazelnut frappe. I took my laptop along with me and spent some time replying back to all the birthday wishes that I got in the morning in my Facebook account. It was a nice couple of hours spent there and I also answered a couple of phone calls. I was supposed to meet someone there for a business opportunity but he was called away on an emergency and contacted me to cancel our meeting and postpone it till the next week.

I then headed over to Velocity Bar & Restaurant and had a couple of vodkas+7up and some chicken and fried rice. I could not finish my fried rice, in fact not even half but the chicken was good. I spent some time there just chilling and enjoying my drinks and the chicken. I couldn’t go wild out as I want to remain sober for the office and as the responsible person that I am, I stopped at 2 drinks. I came back home to relax and lie down on my bed, take a nap and basically take it easy till late evening when I have to go get ready for work.

So cheers everyone!