2012 Trends

I predict that we will have a lot of doomsday believers doing a lot of posts and/or vlogs about the end of the world as we know it and how a big planet, 3 asteroids/planetary bodies, 3 spaceships will destroy us all (hmm, who will play me in the movie). Bible thumpers will tell you that it is all predicted in the Bible and it is not too late to accept jesus in your lives, all you non-believers. Islamic fundamentalists will claim a hand in the destruction of earth and will chant ‘inshalla’ & ‘suban allah’ as the date approaches and say that it is allah’s plan for the rest of us ‘infidels’. Hindu fanatics will find Shiva in some corner of the sky, etched in a cloud. I don’t know what the Jewish fundamentalist will say – probably blame half of it on Nazis and half on the Muslims!

I also predict that there will be more marriages; proposals made on the spur of the moment. More people having more sex and hence more pregnancies – all because of December, 2012 looming in the distance. I also feel that there will be more killings, more destruction and more people going nuts. I predict a few more natural catastrophes and destruction to land, people & property. This is just the way that things are going to be. Will the Mullaperiyar Dam burst? Not sure but the stories, blog posts, Tweets & Facebook posts will not die down until the last 3 months of the year.

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One thought on “2012 Trends

  1. Oh, definitely. I am currently undergoing intensive weapons and martial arts training for when the zombies come. And they will come. Oh yes, they will. Mark my words…..

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