Terrible Pain & Discomfort

Last night was the worst that I can ever remember in my life! I was in so much discomfort & pain that I almost wanted to jump out of the terrace.

Ok, I’ve been getting gas problems from the end of last month. I remember it all started on Dec 24th, after a long day and I had a very late lunch that seemed to give me gas later that evening. The next few days I wasn’t doing much so I just rested and let it pass naturally. Then a few days later it came back with a vengeance. I started getting pain on my shoulders & arms along with my chest and this heavy feeling of wanting to burp so bad that it hurt. I used a combination of Gelusil syrup, Eno anti-acid powder (that you add in a glass of cold water) and an ayurvedic tonic that helps with indigestion. The discomfort passed in a couple of days and I was back to normal. I did find it ironic that this did happen after 3 months of no alcohol, no red meat and eating mostly home cooked food. But also that it followed 3 months of the most physically inactive that I have ever been.

Then the gas & discomfort came back again 10 days ago and I was getting pissed. Still in a day & a half I was ok once again and I went on my business. The day before yesterday it came back again but I kinda ignored it for a while. Yesterday when I was in the city, I stopped for a juice and a small sandwich at a small bakery/juice shop. The bread seemed fresh and all soft & warm, edges cut off and all, but the inside felt suspicious. It was supposed to be shopped up little bits of chicken and it tasted funny. Later that evening I got a stomach upset, bad gas problems and pain all over my arms, chest, back & shoulders. I tried taking some stuff like Gelucil & ENO to calm myself down. At night the pain got so terrible, I couldn’t lie down and instead kept walking up and down just trying to make myself burp. I couldn’t sleep and just about was able to rest while sitting on a chair.

By 7am, I managed to shower and my dad accompanied me to the hospital where they took an EGC, blood sample and checked me out. Doc says it’s a gastro infection and I’m now on meds and light food for the next few days. My BP was also up but he says to check it out once the course is complete. I came back home, took my meds and ate a little breakfast and then went to bed. Couldn’t get much sleep but the rest was welcome. By 1:30 pm I was up feeling somewhat better and had curd & rice and then back to bed and watching Castle Season 3. Always puts me in a good mood. I’m feeling a little better but I’ll wait until 2 more days to declare myself fully recovered. What an awful night I had!