I had a lot of expectation going into this movie as a lot of female bloggers raved about it and I kept my expectations too high. Having said that it’s not a failure for me; far from it I did like it a lot. Bridesmaids, a 2011 comedy¬†film¬†written by¬†Kristen Wiig¬†and¬†Annie Mumolo, it is directed by¬†Paul Feig¬†and produced by¬†Judd Apatow,¬†Barry Mendel, and Clayton Townsend. I’ve raved about Ms. Wiig before, in my review of the movie Paul but she looks very different over here. The movie starrs Wiig, Maya Rudolf, Rose Byrne,¬†Melissa McCarthy,¬†Ellie Kemper, and¬†Wendi McLendon-Covey Chris O’Dowd¬†and¬†Jill Clayburgh.

The movie is about Annie, a single woman in her mid-30s living in Milwaukee and having a tough time with her speciality bakery having to close down and losing all her savings and her boyfriend in the process. She now works in a jewellery store and has a meaningless sexual relationship with a self-absorbed man. The only positive thing going for her is her best friend Lillian (Maya Rudolf) and Annie is asked to be the maid of honour for Lillian’s wedding to Doug. ¬†At the engagement party, Annie meets her fellow¬†bridesmaids: Lillian’s cynical cousin Rita (Wendi McLendon-Covey), idealistic friend Becca (Ellie Kemper), raunchy future sister-in-law Megan (Melissa McCarthy) and Helen (Rose Byrne), the “perfect” wife of Doug’s boss.

What follows next is a little battle of jealousy between Helen & Annie as each look to upstage the other in Lillian’s eyes. Going back home Annie is pulled over for broken taillights by officer Nathan Rhodes, an Irish immigrant, but he lets her go after a mild flirting between the two and on him knowing that she was the owner of the Cake Baby (Annie’s now closed bakery). Next we see Annie taking the girls to a Brazilian eatery for some spicy food, which later gives all of them food poisoning. Helen, with her wealth and connections, rejects Annie’s idea of Parisian bridal shower, getting them access to a chic bridal-gown studio after Annie failed to make a reservation, and ordering expensive designer bridesmaids gowns for the group that are beyond Annie’s means. The funniest scenes are when all the girls need to either vomit or shit violently when at the bridal studio and Lillian even has to shit wearing the wedding gown she is trying out, and while trying to cross the street to a public bathroom, she has to give in and shit on the street! LOL!

Helen then books a trip to Vegas and Annie refuses a first class ticket from her and instead sits in economy class by her self.  Because Annie is afraid of flying, Helen gives her sedatives and alcohol, causing Annie to become inebriated and paranoid, and her outbursts force the plane to land in Casper, Wyoming, where the wedding party is escorted off the plane by police, canceling the Las Vegas bachelorette party. On the bus trip back to Milwaukee, Annie tries to apologize but Lillian quietly states that she wants Helen to take over planning the shower and wedding. An upset Annie spends some time with Nathan who advices her to start her baking once again and open a new business but Annie refuses as the incident was very painful for her. She breaks off things with Nathan when he buys & gifts her baking supplies. Annie then gets fired from her job as she lashes out at a customer and also gets evicted from her apartment. Distraught she moves back home with her mother.

At the bridal shower Annie is furious to find that Helen stole her idea for a Parisian theme, later upstaging Annie’s heartfelt, handmade gift by giving Lillian a trip to Paris to be fitted for her wedding gown by one of the world’s top designers. Annie blows up and throws a tantrum, destroying some of the food & props, upsetting Lillian who tells Annie not to attend the wedding. On her way back she has a little accident & Nathan who answers the emergency call is exasperated that she still has not fixed her taillights, and tells Annie how much she hurt him and not to contact him again. After this Annie sulks at home but is given some tough love by the hilarious Megan. She decides to bake a cake and try to make amends with Nathan but he appears to rebuff her. On the day of the wedding, Helen appears on her doorstep, begging for help in finding Lillian who has gone missing. In the car, Helen tearfully apologizes for all she has done to hurt Annie and explains how lonely she is: her husband is uncaring and she has no friends, suspecting that she is only invited to weddings for her party planning skills and connections.

They call Nathan who helps them find Lillian – who was hiding out in her own apartment, overwhelmed by Helen’s micromanaging and fears how marriage will change her life, including leaving Annie alone as she feels massive guilt over disinviting her from the wedding. Annie reassures her, and herself, that everything will be fine and helps Lillian get ready for the wedding as her maid of honor once more and the wedding takes place without a hitch. As the night ends Nathan arrives, being called there by Helen, to take Annie home. The two make up and leave together.

One of the funniest all girl lead movies ever and probably made as an answer to Hangover. It’s enjoyable and sincere without being too mushy. Watch it and laugh. 8 out of 10!

On Acting My Age

No I don’t, most of the time. Cause acting your own age is boring. Granted that you will need at times to act your age and be serious. But that’s not all the time. You need to be free from your shackles thrust upon you by what this stupid society has deemed to be appropriate but they don’t know better. What’s the song – 18 till I die! It doesn’t go 50 till I die! No way shithead! There will be times you want to bring your inner Jack Black ala School Of Rock or your Wayne & Garth and headbang to rock music. That’s what will keep you young & fresh & alive. So do it!

Have you met guys in their 30s who act like they are in their 50s or 60s and are so boring that you’d rather cut your ears off than engage in discussion with them? I have. I’d slip in a fart joke, 6 sex jokes and a limerick for good measure in the same time as those old farts will bore you out. I don’t care for anything; outside of work anything goes. Hell even at the office I’m know to entertain my mates with my hilarious jokes and dirty references. That’s what I like to do best, make people laugh. So age is just a number, keep feeling young and stay alive and laugh – cause you only live once and you can shove most of the too serious stuff up your own ass! Make merry and enjoy yourself while you still have time!

And like I always say “You are only as old as the girls you feel!! So bring on the sexy 16 year old schoolgirls in short skirts!!!”

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Charmed : Season 1

Charmed is a tv series that I watched a lot when it aired on Star World in India but had completely written off and almost forgotten until a few months ago. That was when I was watching the videos of an American girl who loves Charmed. The way she went on about Charmed being her favourite show and how much she loves it and was showcasing her dvd box set of the full 8 seasons of it, it made me think “hmmm maybe I should watch the show again and get my own copies!”

Well I’ve completed season 1 and have started season 2 (4 episodes in) and you know what – it’s a lot more cheesier than I remember it to be. The original run of the show was from 1998 till 2006 and surprisingly enough for Indian cable tv, we did get the show around either 2001 or 2002 (with multiple seasons shown back to back followed by reruns) and the final episode aired here in India not too long after it aired in North America. Surprising that soon after that I forgot the show ever existed, despite featuring 4 very hot women (5 when you include Kaley Cuoco who was there only during the final season) as the lead characters.

So what’s the show about? Well in the pilot episode the three Halliwell sisters – Prue, Piper & Phoebe – inherit the Halliwell Manor when their grandmother dies and also the Book of Shadows,¬†a family heirloom book containing centuries of knowledge, spells, and magic learned or created by the Halliwell matriarchs. They discover that they are powerful witches¬†destined to protect both innocents and the world at large from demons, warlocks, and other evil creatures, with the most powerful witch power of 3. Prue the eldest (Shannon Doherty) has the power of telekinesis, Piper (Holly Marie Coombs) can freeze people & objects and Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) the youngest has the gift of premonition. Helping them, unknown to them initially, is their whitelighter Leo (Brian Krause) who is assigned to them. Their powers were hidden from them at a young age in order to not bring attention to them but when their grandmother died, the powers came back.

In Season 1 the sisters must deal with these powers and adapt to them, while juggling normal lives and jobs while battling demons & warlocks who attack them. Using visions from Phoebe of people in need of help, they also seek out those that need protection from the evil supernatural beings. They are brought to the attention of Det. Andy Trudeau, the girls’ childhood friend and a love interest of Prue, who finds it out that the sisters always seem to be involved or around the more ‘weird cases’ and tries to get the truth out from Prue, which she doesn’t until the season end. He accepts them being witches but is killed in the season finale trying to protect them from a warlock. The girls get spells from their book to even go back in time and meet their mom who died when they were very young. Their father had also left them, unable to accept his wife as a witch.

Like I stated there is a lot of cheesy scenes, dialogues & storylines and more corn than in a huge bucket of popcorn but it can be a lot of fun as well. It’s a safe kind of series for those who like elements of the supernatural, monsters, witches & evil – but who are too scared to tackle something like Buffy, Angel, Supernatural or even The X-Files. I like it, even if it nowhere near the top of my favourite series but who can resist three beautiful women and what with Alyssa Milano bouncing along in the tightest of tops and enticing my fantasy. Shannon Doherty too plus Holly Marrie Coombs is just too sweet & nice. Check out the episodes online before deciding if you want the whole season or series. Oh and they did have some music featured throughout the episodes some of which were nice, although most of it reminded me that the 90s DID have some really crappy music.

That Old Atari Video Game Console

When I was 8 or 9 years old my dad got me & my sister an Atari video game console and a bunch of games that came along with it. I’m not sure if this was the same model as the one pictured here below, but it looked a lot like it. The one that we had broke in 1990 or so and since we couldn’t find a repair place here in Cochin, it was confined to top shelf of a huge book shelf in our common room and later in a cardboard box in with the old junk we had.

I remember my dad, sister & I playing games on it when we were in Kuwait and the sessions went on for hours and hours. What were the games we had on it – damn if I remember all the names but there was Space Invaders, Pacman, an air-force plane game were u pilot this plane and attack tanks & stuff and you have to refuel in between, one in which u build an igloo and have to jump across the pond on floating pieces of ice and avoid hitting the water & this bear that attacks you and a bowling game which I absolutely loved! There were a bunch of other games but I can’t remember them now.

Even after we moved back to India we spent many hours playing it during the weekends & summer holidays with my cousins joining in. We all loved it back then until it broke and we couldn’t get it fixed. I never bought another video console but yes for some years I did play games on my PC.

X-Men : First Class

The X-Men franchise is hugely popular but I was never a big fan of theirs. Not the comics and not the movies. It didn’t hold that much of an appeal to me and the character of Wolverine was the only one that I really liked. Not in the movies because in the movies Wolverine is played by big dumbo Huge Jackass! So I didn’t really watch much of the franchise. However after a bunch of people recommended X-Men : First Class I decided to give it a shot and I am impressed. Impressed enough to give the whole franchise another chance.

Calling this a drama-action movie with Superhero elements is actually more appropriate rather than calling it a Superhero movie. It’s just got all the elements that you want & like in a drama-action movie. Using fresh blood and rebooting a franchise via a prequel – take lessons film makers. I’ve felt that reboots had become just a trend and a fad rather than actually giving new life for a franchise, especially in the Scifi genre but this is an case where not only was it needed but it actually adds a whole lot more to the franchise.

In this film the young Magneto who goes by the name Erik, a Polish Jew in a Nazi internment camp shows his abilities to bend strong metal with his mind. His mother is brutally shot dead in cold blood by the scientist Klaus Schmidt (Kevin Bacon) to provoke the young boy to fuel his anger and abilities. Schmidt plans to use to boy for studies on mutation and for his own own gains. Meanwhile in a posh New York estate ¬†young¬†telepath¬†Charles Xavier¬†meets young shape-shifter¬†Raven, who stole into the house. Overjoyed to meet someone else “different”, he invites her to live with his family as his foster sister. The difference between the two main character’s lives – with Magneto played by Michael Fassbender & Prof. X by James McAvoy – is obvious even though there is a genuine friendship created when they join forces briefly and even a brotherhood.

With the elements of a Cold War on the verge of breaking out into a full scaled hostilties looming over them, the young superheros in the making must stop Schmidt, who now goes by the name of Sebastian Shaw, and his aides¬†the telepathic¬†Emma Frost (January Jones), and teleporting¬†Azazel (Jason Flemyng). Erik’s chasing down of Shaw is for pure revenge & hatred which causes him to be rash and hasty, like when he tries to halt a powerful moving submarine using his powers. Xavier & Erik¬† recruits stripper¬†Angel Salvadore; also, taxi driver¬†Armando Mu√Īoz, Army prisoner¬†Alex Summers, and¬†Sean Cassidy‚ÄĒwho code-name themselves Darwin, Havok, and Banshee, respectively‚ÄĒwhile Raven (Jennifer Lawrence) names herself¬†Mystique. Also with them is CIA agent Moira MacTaggart (Rose Byrne).

With Shaw looking to profit from a war between Russia vs The US, it’s up to the newly formed XMen to stop them. But Shaw kills Darwin and tempts Angel onto his side. Xavier takes everyone back to his family estate for training before stopping a possible war from breaking out. Erik & Raven bond and he advises her to embrace her mutant side rather than hide it. Young scientist Hank McCoy creates a cure to hide mutation and make the mutants look normal but his cure backfires on him and turns him to a leonine beast. Meanwhile in Moscow, Shaw compels the general to have the Soviet Union install¬†nukes¬†in Cuba. The¬†Cuban Missile Crisis¬†ensues, with U.S. President¬†John F. Kennedy¬†instituting a blockade to stop the tranfer of missiles to Cuba. Shaw, wearing a helmet that foils Xavier’s telepathy, accompanies the Soviet fleet to ensure the missiles arrive.

At the blockade line Xavier, Magneto & their team battle Shaw’s mutants. Magneto is able to take Shaw’s helmet and puts it on, thereby blocking out Xavier and then kills Shaw despite telling him that he shares his¬†exclusivist¬†view of mutants. In a tussle¬† Xavier keeps Magneto from destroying the fleets with their own missiles but a stray bullet hits Xavier on his spine, paralyzing him from the waist down. A rueful Magneto then leaves with Angel, Riptide, Azazel, and Mystique‚ÄĒwho advises McCoy to “proudly” embrace his mutant nature. A wheelchair-bound Xavier and the mutants return to the mansion, where he intends to open a school.

This is a really good film worth watching many times over. You will really like Magneto’s scene in an Argentine bar where he looks for information on Schmidt/Shaw. The way he kills the men who attacks him is cool, brutal & awesomely maniacal¬† at the same time. Excellent casting and acting throughout. Loved oh so hot January Jones! Character actors Oliver Platt, Michael Ironside & Ray Wise also have small roles. Awesome movie, 9 out of 10!

Old TV Shows I Miss

Hmmm if by that they mean which old tv shows were still being shown on reruns and not old tv shows that could still be in production. So if I’m correct, then I’d like MASH, Mind Your Language, Gimme A Break, The A-Team, Knight Rider, Three’s Company all those fun series. Remington Steele, Moonlightning, Crazy Like a Fox, The Jeffersons, What A Country.

Stuff like these shows are not only fun & entertaining but they are also very nostalgic. They remind most of us about our childhood and times when things were much simpler. Misfits Of Science, Silver Spoons, the original Star Trek, V & Battlestar Galactica. All fun and exciting to watch. Stuff that will grow old and you’d want to watch over & over again as the years go by.

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Cammalleri Traded To Calgary

The Calgary Flames fans were excited about the news of the trade. In a deal that sent Rene Bourque to the Montreal Canadiens — along with unsigned 2010 seventh-round pick Patrick Holland and the Flames’ second-rounder in 2013 — the former fan favourite Michael Cammalleri was brought back to the Stampede City.

Michael Cammalleri created controversy in Montreal when he commented that his team had a losing mentality. He was quickly traded by the Montreal Canadiens to the Calgary Flames on Thursday night after questioning the commitment of his peers a day earlier. Cammalleri was pulled out of the Canadiens’ 2-1 loss to the Boston Bruins after the second period Thursday and sent back to the team’s hotel. Then Canadiens general manager Pierre Gauthier informed Cammalleri he was traded back to his old team, the Flames.

On, Cammalleri was quoted as saying, ‚ÄúWe prepare for our games like losers. We play like losers. So it‚Äôs no wonder why we lose.‚ÄĚ Even if that was not an accurate translation, there was no argument that Cammalleri said the Canadiens have ‚Äúa losing mentality.‚ÄĚ However the deal wasn’t a quick reaction by Flames GM Jay Feaster after Cammalleri fell out of favour in Montreal with his controversial comments this week. He informed the press that the deal had been percolating for quite some time and that he had a few conversations with Habs GM Pierre Gauthier before this incident.

However we can all safely assume that the controversial comments were the catalyst for the trade. The Toronto native was also having a bad year and at this stage has only scored 9 goals, quite less for a polific goal scorer.

Book Purchase – Hitch-22

I don’t buy books anymore. For ages I used to buy novels that I’d read over & over again. I used to be a book work, reading most of my free time. At first comics and then novels. I love non-fiction but I do also read fiction on occasion. With easier access to the internet books went on the backburner but I still did read a bit. I stopped buying them though – spending Rs. 300-500 on a good title was stupid as India forgets to lower prices to more reasonable rates as the years go by.

Instead what I did find was a used book store and a discount book store. I was happy as I got most of the stuff that I wanted and a reasonable price Rs.75-99 was the usual rates. Hmm, i could buy 3 or 4 more books for the price of 1 at the usual book stores! I slowly built a good library of books. However both the stores have closed down (no clue as to why) and even that outlet was gone for me.

But yes, it has been ages since I found myself in an actual book store and that’s where I was today and I spent just 6 or 7 minutes browsing through their shelves before I found the late Christopher Hitchen’s memoirs – titled cheekily as Hitch-22!¬† The book was published in June 2010, and was later nominated for a¬†National Book Critics Circle Award. Touring for the book was cut short later the same month so that he could begin treatment for newly diagnosed¬†oesophageal cancer.

I’ve just started reading this book and got 20 pages done while sitting with a coffee in a cafe this morning. It’s very interesting and entertaining and, I must say, some sadness. Especially when you read the Prologue with Premonitions. I’m going to take my time with this book and read it over the next week. I’ll give you my review post that.

Friday Out For Beer

This time next week I hope to hear back from two companies where I have completed final rounds of interviews. The first one is very close by and I was hoping that they would have informed me by now but I learned from another source that out of 5 people, including me, who were invited for final rounds only two of us have completed it and they are awaiting the other three to also finish their interview rounds. Inconvenient for us but still I hope to hear something positive from them. The other one is tougher and I don’t think they will choose me but it’s still open for grabs at this point.

Still I am not going to stop looking for other jobs and today I went to meet a couple of consultancies about possible openings for me. I’m keeping my options open and am even open to looking at different fields/industries that can use my abilities & expertise. So I dedicated most of morning for that.

I left enuff time to go get some cold coffee and my Friday sandwich – Mozerella chicken sandwich from Fort Cafe. I haven’t been to this cafe in 3 months and missed their awesome ambiance. I had a super amazing cold butterscotch coffee to wash down my sandwich.

Then I went to check out a dvd store that I hadn’t been to since October 2010 and after much browsing I selected a movie – Attack The Block starring Nick Frost of Pegg & Frost fame. I’ve heard lots of good things about this movie and I was looking around for it. Alien attack in the UK – look out Frost. I also walked into a book store for the first time in ages. And when I think if I do not count the discount/second hand book store I used to go to then it’s been even longer! It was cool, inviting & cozy and I bought a book. I’ll tell you about it later.

Lunch time rolled over and I was in the mood for some beer. I went to Velocity bar for 2 Foster’s and some French fries+pork. The first beer was not cold enough – infact it wasn’t cold at all and I had some difficulty in drinking it down. I specifically asked the waiter for a really chilled one for my second and he brought me one – it was chilled alright but had a bad skunky odour. I found it difficult to drink that one down but I am not going to waste beer. So down the hatch it went. After that it was back home.

One thing I have to say – bars like Velocity, although I like them, do cheat you on the beer price. The actual price of one 650ml Foster is Rs.70. At the bar they charge you Rs.135! I guess they charge you for the chilling in the fridge, the glass, the guy bring you the beer, the seat, the table & the AC.

When Kids Should Get Cell Phones

Ok here’s my point of view – don’t give you kids a cell phone at all until they turn 18!

I’ll let that be digested for a while; which kid actually needs a cell phone? I never needed it, most of my friends didn’t need one and none of you readers who are my age or older needed one. Or had one! And most people around the age of 26 & above probably didn’t get a cell phone until they hit their 20s. And we didn’t really need them but hey it would have been great to chat up your girlfriend at that age right?

I see parents giving their kids an iphone or a smartphone these days and think that it’s not needed. I know it’s convenient for you to contact your kid and in some cases to keep a track of the boy/girl but that’s the only good thing that I can think off. And if you do, why give them a cool, classy phone with all the things that can keep them distracted for hours? Give them a small uncool phone that will allow incoming & outgoing calls and send SMSes. That’s it, that’s all a kid needs to do at that age and that’s all you should give them. Unless you do have a really smart & mature kid who will not misuse his/her phone. There’s way too much trouble they can get into with the phone rather than without.

If your kid is away from you most of the time, like they stay in a hostel and you stay in another city, state or country then I guess the cell phone is required but once again limit the kid’s usage on it to Texting & calling. Keep it to the bare minimum until they grow old. I was shocked at what school kids with camera phones & internet connections can do and are doing in many places. It’s good that some schools are restricting the usage in classes and that’s a wise decision. Once they hit 18 it’s all over anyways so no problem there.

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Delurking Day 2012

According to this fine woman, who got it from this post by this person’s blog & who in turn got it from this lady’s post, today is Delurking day for 2012!

Delurking is a slang for coming out of the online “lurking” mode and this day is designed to invite people who visit but never comment to do so. This is a way of saying hi to some reader who seem to visit often (you know who you are) but don’t comment due to various reasons.

So if you are one such lurker of me & my blog, please delurk or unlurk yourself and send me a nice long comment about yourself and what brings you around. Have a cup of tea or coffee and spend 10 minutes for ole Roshan, will you please?

Best Youtube Song Of 2012

We will see a lot of viral videos in the months to come but I doubt if anyone can beat these guys and gal! Walk Off The Earth & Sarah Blackwood, from Burlington, Canada uploaded a video of them playing a cover version of Somebody That I Used To Know – all 5 of them using the same guitar – on the 5th of January. As of now, the video has 12,970,468 views!!! That is awesome and the song/video is extremely catchy. I myself have played it 20 times since yesterday.

2012 Trends

I predict that we will have a lot of doomsday believers doing a lot of posts and/or vlogs about the end of the world as we know it and how a big planet, 3 asteroids/planetary bodies, 3 spaceships will destroy us all (hmm, who will play me in the movie). Bible thumpers will tell you that it is all predicted in the Bible and it is not too late to accept jesus in your lives, all you non-believers. Islamic fundamentalists will claim a hand in the destruction of earth and will chant ‘inshalla’ & ‘suban allah’ as the date approaches and say that it is allah’s plan for the rest of us ‘infidels’. Hindu fanatics will find Shiva in some corner of the sky, etched in a cloud. I don’t know what the Jewish fundamentalist will say – probably blame half of it on Nazis and half on the Muslims!

I also predict that there will be more marriages; proposals made on the spur of the moment. More people having more sex and hence more pregnancies – all because of December, 2012 looming in the distance. I also feel that there will be more killings, more destruction and more people going nuts. I predict a few more natural catastrophes and destruction to land, people & property. This is just the way that things are going to be. Will the Mullaperiyar Dam burst? Not sure but the stories, blog posts, Tweets & Facebook posts will not die down until the last 3 months of the year.

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Kinda found out about this 2007 movie by accident and thought “I should get this”. I must say that the only reason for trying out this movie was the fact that it starred Matthew Perry aka Chandler Bing but if you think for one moment that this film is going to be a Chandler-fest event – think again. Numb is a drama movie with slight elements of comedy and sees Perry dish out perhaps his best acting role in his career. It’s more of an film festival movie rather than a movie to be seen for the masses. However I would have an appeal to the masses who have seen & liked Friends & Chandler in particular – go and get your own dvd copy of this film!

Directed by¬†Harris Goldberg who, according to an interview on a bonus feature of the DVD release, says he was inspired to write the screenplay by his own experience battling¬† depersonalization disorder¬†and¬†clinical depression. So let’s get on with the movie: Perry plays Hudson a moderately successful script writer in Hollywood who already suffering from feelings of inadequacy and some depression, smokes too much pot one day and becomes alienated from the outside world and even his own body and is diagnosed with ‘depersonalization disorder.’ The title ‘Numb’ is the feeling he has of not caring about anything around him. Which makes interacting with other people, which makes his job along with partner Tom (Kevin Pollak) that much more difficult.

As Hudson stumbles through life  he searches for a solution by seeing various therapists but none seem to work out. When nothing seems to help Hudson consults Dr. Richmond, who also sees drugs as the solution. While he continues down this road, he meets Sara (Lynn Collins), a studio executive & a beautiful young woman, who finds him attractive and appealing and decides to introduce him to as many positive and compelling experiences as possible. He wants to be with Sara but is unable to stay involved in the relationship. Sara is also shocked at his bout with a little kleptomia РHudson steals a pen from the same store he goes to regularly and his bedside drawer is filled with them. At first, Sarah deals with his condition and tries to help him get over it. As the relationship goes on it becomes more and more of a problem.

Also adding to the mix is Dr. Blaine (Mary Steenburgen) another therapist who Hudson sees and she ends up having sex with him. It turns out she is even more desperate and wacky and she needs professional help herself. Hudson wants to change and be better for Sara but he doesn’t know if there is a cure. Adding to this is the death of his father (William B Davis), his estrangement from his brother & his troubled relationship with his mother (Helen Shaver). In a desperate attempt to reverse his problem, Hudson even tries to smoke even more pot at one go. When that doesn’t work, he steals from a store and runs away but gets caught by a cop. He befriends a homeless guy and decides to end his therapy sessions and decides to make another attempt with Sara.

Totally a movie out from the left. I felt that they could have done better with some changes to the script. But it wasn’t meant to be a huge comedy or a blockbuster or a summer sleeper hit. 7 outta 10!

Baichung’s Farewell Internationl Match

Indian football’s most prolific & accomplished player Baichung Bhutia said his farewell to international football with a final exhibition match played against visiting German Bundesliga club Bayern Munich held in New Delhi. The man from the tiny hamlet Tinkitam in south Sikkim, who became the face of Indian football, pulled the curtain downs on his illustrious 18-year-old career amid standing ovation during his farewell match against the German giants which ended in a 0-4 loss to the Indian national side.

The 35 year old who captained his national team for a final time, was fresh and chased, lunged and stretched for every ball during the 84 minutes he played. His form was that of during his hey days and he urged his teammaes to give it their all against their much superior opponents. Despite letting in 4 goals during a lopsided first half, the Indians fought for every ball and even challenged the heart of the mighty Bayern defence in the last quarter of the game. As he walked off the pitch at the 84th minute being substituted, the 50,000 strong crowd gave him a standing ovation.

Bhutia is currently contracted by the club he owns,¬†United Sikkim, which he also plays for. Bhutia has had four spells at¬†I-League¬†football team¬†East Bengal Club, the club where he started his career. When he signed up to play for the¬†Englishclub¬†Bury¬†in 1999, he became the first Indian footballer to play professional football in Europe. Afterwards he had a short¬†loan¬†spell at the¬†Malaysianfootball club¬†Perak FA. As well as this he has played for¬†JCT Mills, which won the league once during his tenure; and¬†Mohun Bagan, which failed to win the league once during his two spells, in his native India. His international footballing honours include winning the¬†Nehru Cup, LG Cup,¬†SAFF Championship¬†three times and the¬†AFC Challenge Cup. He is also India’s most¬†capped¬†player, and in the¬†2009 Nehru Cup¬†he received his 100th international cap.

Bhutia, who has a football stadium named after him in honour of his contribution to Indian football (first player to have such honour while he is still playing), has also won many awards, such as the Arjuna Award and the Padma Shri. In October 2010, he founded Bhaichung Bhutia Football Schools in Delhi in partnership with football by Carlos Queiroz and Nike.

Beer Types ‚Äď Pilsner

Ok now onto Pilsners, which is a type of pale lager. ¬†It takes its name from the city of¬†Pilsen,¬† Bohemia, in today’s¬†Czech Republic, where it has been developed since 1842, when a¬†bottom-fermented¬†beer was first produced. The original¬†Pilsner Urquell¬†beer¬†is produced there today.

Pilsner is one of the youngest beer styles in the world. It is brewed all over the world;¬† breweries from Beijing to Rio de Janeiro and Anchorage to London produce the clean pale brew. A modern pilsner has a very light, clear colour from pale to golden yellow, and a distinct hop aroma and flavour. Czech pilsners tend toward a lighter flavour (good examples being¬†Pilsner Urquell¬†and¬†Staropramen), while those in a German style can be more bitter (particularly in the north, e.g.¬†Jever) or even “earthy” in flavour.

A pilsner is generally regarded as different from other¬†pale lagers¬†by a more prominent hop character, particularly from the use of Saaz noble¬†hops¬†and spring (soft) water. Some of the famous German Pilsner’s are Beck’s, Bitburger & Holsten while Amstel, Heineken (Dutch), Stella Artois & Jupiler (Belgian) have a more sweet taster.¬† While pilsner is best defined in terms of its characteristics and heritage, the term is also used by some brewers (particularly in North America) to indicate their “premium” beer, whether or not it has a particular hop character. One of the reasons for pilsner’s popularity is that it pairs easily with many different foods. Roasted meat, chicken, and fish – though not so well with sushi. It goes nicely with spicy Indian or Mexican dishes as well as most Asian cuisines.

I’ve featured here the Old Style Pilsner from Molson. Although not one of the more famous brands, it’s been featured heavily in my favourite sit com Corner Gas and in the movie FUBAR! Old Style Pilsner is said to be the first beer consumed by many young western Canadian males and is referred to as “Saskatchewan Champagne” by its devotees.

The Change Up

We have here a funny film, hilarious and pee inducing. The Change Up was produced and directed by David Dobkin, written by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, and stars Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman as two guys, best friends but who live totally opposite lives and who get a body swap by a mysterious magic fountain. The movie also has solid supporting cast of Leslie Mann, Olivia Wilde & Alan Arkin.

I don’t understand why this film didn’t do well while other similarly crude styled comedies did better. I found this to be funnier than most of the recent comedies like Hangover 1 & 2, Horrible Bosses & Bridesmaids. Anyway I hope the movie, which didn’t do well in the box office does better on dvd & Blu Ray.

  • So as established earlier responsible dad Dave Lockwood (Justin Bateman) & Mitch Planko (Ryan Reynolds) are best friends but they live different lives. Mitch is a carefree bachelor, who works in small acting jobs and sleeps around while Dave is an over worked lawyer with the needs of his wife Jamie (Leslie Mann) & 3 kids (twin babies included) clashing with that of his work but he manages, at the expense of romance time with his wife.
  • The scene where Dave has to change diapers and the baby’s ass cheeks part – all stops – and then it’s shit flies in the air to splash on his face is priceless!
  • Anyway one night after a lot of drinking the two friends admit to each other at the same time that they each envy the other’s life & would like to have the other’s life – while peeing into a fountain in the park. It is a magical statue with the fountain and they both get swapped with each other’s bodies. Panic initially arises!
  • Mitch in Dave’s body must do well at his friend’s work, juggle babies, family life and the role of a husband while Dave in Mitch’s body has to go act in a movie – his first leading role. Only on reaching the set he finds out that it is a porno movie and the sex scene with a huge titted porn star is hilarious.
  • Another sex scene is where Dave in Mitch’s body is convinced that having sex with the ball of fire Tatiana wouldn’t actually be cheating on his wife, as it is in Mitch’s body. An excited Dave sees Tatiana – an almost 9 months pregnant Tatiana who wants to have sex as it relaxes her! Unfortunately Dave cannot do it.
  • More gross humour is when Mitch in Dave’s body awaits Jamie in bed – she walks by, looking all sexy in the nude, Warrant’s Cherry Pie plays in the background, she smiles heads to the bathroom – and proceeds to shit with loud farting noises! The moment is gone for Mitch!
  • They then decide to make a real effort at it and a successful for a change. Complications arise when Mitch’s estranged father comes to invite him for his wedding and also in the form of Sabrina, Dave’s sexy assistant who hits it off with Mitch.
  • The two must find the fountain with the magical statue and find that it was taken away from the park and is now in a mall. The two go to the mall, find the fountain and pee in it – while shoppers are aghast. They are returned back to their respective bodies. Jamie is pleased to have Dave with more time for her & the kids while Mitch finally decides for a real relationship with Sabrina.

It’s funny, gross & gut busting humour but funny still. The lead actors are skilled enough to pull it off. Forget the box office, get this movie and laugh from beginning till end. 8 out of 10 for me!