Castle Season 2

At the beginning of season 2 Kate Beckett is still upset with Castle for looking into her mother’s case, which she had closed a while back as it was taking over her entire life. She feared that she would drown in it and left it. While she is still stewing in anger Captain Montgomery makes her sit with a journalist who is writing about her crime-solving partnership with Castle. Kate reluctantly sits for the interview while Castle poses with two hot models in skimpy cop outfits for the photographs. They are called to investigate a dead body found up a tree, which gets abducted on the way to the morgue, leaving them drawn into the world of drug smuggling, the Russian mob and high stakes poker in Chinatown.

Castle also apologizes to Kate for butting in and she forgives him. Next Castle & Beckett make a bet with Esposito & Ryan on who solves their murder first but find that the two deaths are connected. Then we have a model who is killed by her boyfriend who thought that she was cheating on him. While on the case Castle runs into a young model who used to babysit Alexis and he brings them together for a reunion. Castle’s first book featuring Nikki Heat is out as they investigate a conman’s death. Castle & Beckett must next solve the death of a promising young comic book writer who also was into the vampire culture. One of my fav episodes is the death of a rising music star, singer of a rock band and how she gave hints of who killed her in the lyrics of her last song.

Castle and Beckett have their hands full looking into the death of a man whose body is found stuffed in a garbage chute when two women arrive to identify the body – one claiming to be the victim’s wife, the other his fiancée. Meanwhile, Alexis volunteers at the precinct as part of a civics class project, and works to track down the owner of a packet of photos left over from a case gone cold years ago. Another great episode is of a man who has amnesia might have been a witness to the murder of a art gallery owner. Castle reconnects with a former girlfriend on her wedding day when one of her bridesmaids is found murdered, causing sparks to fly between them once again, and Beckett to have to deal with the possibility of being jealous. Castle tries to hide from Beckett the fact that a newspaper that ranked him as one of the city’s most eligible bachelors also linked them romantically.

The duo also investigate the death of a college student who moonlighted as a dominatrix. Beckett and Castle team up with experienced FBI Special Agent Jordan Shaw in the hunt for a serial killer with an apparent obsession for ‘Nikki Heat’ and later it turns out that Beckett herself in the next target. Her apartment is blown up but Beckett finds shelter and when the killer kidnaps Shaw to get to Beckett Beckett finds herself relying on Castle’s instincts as a mystery writer to save Shaw and herself. Then a talkshow host, who interviewed Castle on his show is dead the next morning and the investigation finds that his sidekick did it. Meanwhile Beckett starts a brief relationship with a robbery detective Tom Demming who assists on a few cases. Castle begins to feel like the third wheel even going so far as to compete with Demming in solving cases but at the end of the season he invites his ex-wife Gina, who is also his editor.

Against this backdrop, Castle and Beckett struggle inwardly with their feelings for each other, even though Beckett is officially dating Demming and Castle is severely behind in his writing for the second Nikki Heat book. Castle tells Beckett that the case will be their last for a while as he is going to his house in the Hamptons for the entire summer, finish his book and Gina joins him. Beckett is stunned as she had realize that she has feelings for an broke things off with Demming. Montgomery, Ryan, Lainey, Esposito & Beckett have a send off for Castle at the station before he leaves.

Valentine Day Protesters

Do you get these messages via email, SMS/Text, email, Twitter or Facebook posts – “Dear friends, Valentine’s day is boosted by MNC’s (or Hallmark, gifts & soft toys manufacturers, blah blah) to hike up their turnover/profit!” And then the comments to join in the boycotting of the celbration of the day and not to buy cards or gifts, giving in to the capitalist robots. Political & religions groups also get into the act. For eg:- the members of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrang Dal on Monday February 13 protested against the celebration of Valentine’s Day and called for the closure of pubs in the city on February 14. They also warned that their members would take action themselves if anything offensive takes place, and that they would hand over the offenders to the police.

Most of the protests by Hindu & Muslims and some Christian complain that Valentine’s day is a Western concept which has eroded Indian culture, urging the district administration & police to take steps to ensure that youths in the country do not indulge in any immoral or vulgar acts. Right wing Hindu group Shri Ram Sene burnt Valentine Day cards to protest the celebration of February 14, terming it as a manifestation of the western culture, saying the organization is not against the emotion of love, but is bitterly opposed to its “vulgar” display. Really?

Do these people have nothing better to do? Of all the things they could do to better society they choose to do this? How insanely stupid & infantile! Morons the lot of  them.

Let me tell you, as a 35 year old bachelor I have nothing planned but if I had a girlfriend or was married, you know what I would do? If possible I would try to find ways to have a long evening with my better half. A nice dinner of her favourite stuff, maybe some ice cream or cake, a card and a little gift and spend the rest of the evening with her. All the things she would like.

If anyone would have a problem with that get of this planet you fucking idiots.