If I Were an Animal

I’ve changed my animal doppelganger a few times over years. Given that I’m a Leo, I always identified with the lion. I loves lions, always have and always will. But since then my fav animal has changed several times.

My fav animal and that’s what I would want to be if I was an animal, would be a wolf. A mean, snow & forest patrolling wolf. One bite and I could convert you into a werewolf kinda wolf. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. Or a sheep in wolf clothing.

Man I’d love to be a wolf!

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The Devil’s Double

You’ve no doubt heard the stories of Saddam Hussain have several doubles – men who looked a lot like him – as his fear of being assassinated made him employee these doppelgangers. This ia similar such movie but about his son Uday’s double.¬†The Devil’s Double is a thriller film directed by ¬†Lee Tamahori¬†and starring¬†Dominic Cooper,¬†Philip Quast,¬†Ludivine Sagnier¬†and Raad Rawi and a Sundance entry. Dominic Cooper, last seen as Howard Stark (Tony/Iron Man’s father) in Captain America: The First Avenger, does an amazing acting role in The Devil’s Double, a preposterously entertaining and appropriately gut-wrenching biopic/drama about Uday Saddam Hussein, the late Iraqi dictator’s sadistic youngest son. Cooper also portrays Latif, who is forcefully employed to be Uday’s double.

Latif Yahia an Iraqi soldier fighting in the Iran-Iraq war is called¬† to become the ‘fedai’ or body double for Saddam Hussain’s playboy son Uday. Latif & Uday studied in school together and even back then the resemblances between them were noted. Uday refuses to take the position but is imprisoned and tortured by Uday’s men and finally agrees when his family is threatened. Latif is fixed up and undergoes minor cosmetic surgery to iron out the differences and is given lessons to mimic Uday’s mannerisms and volatile behaviour. He is given access to all of the luxurious benefits of the Husseins’ fortune, including massive palaces, expensive wardrobes and Uday’s¬†various other exotic cars.

Uday seems to have a morbid fascination with Latif, calling him brother and getting upset as Latif seems to not enjoy or appreciate the opportunity. Latif at one point runs away from a nightclub to go and see his family but is caught & brought back by Uday’s soldiers. One of Uday’s favourite passtimes is to cruise the city streets looking for young schoolgirls who he forces to join him and escort him to parties. At one such party, in honour of Suzzane, wife of ¬†Egyptian President¬†Hosni Mubarak’s, Uday becomes enraged at Saddam’s bodyguard & food taster Kamel Hana Gegeo, who introduced Saddam to Samira Shahbandar, which devastated his mother,¬†Sajida Talfah, and he also expresses jealousy at the trust his father places in Kamel. When Kamel interrupts Uday’s sexual advances towards a 14 year old girl he had abducted that same day, Uday butchers him with an¬†electric carving knife¬†in front of all of the guests. The girl is also beaten and her naked body dumped the next day.

Latif continues his role and at Basra even rallies the troops but an attempt is made on his life (thinking that he is Uday). To Uday’s great concern, Latif nearly loses a pinky in the assault, which presumably would mean Uday would have to have his amputated to maintain their resemblance, but doctors are able to save Latif’s finger. While Latif recovers, the father of the 14 year old girl comes to confront him demanding justice. Uday who overhears this orders Latif to kill the man; Latif instead slits his own wrists. Later at Uday’s birthday party in a nightclub (where Uday orders the women to dance naked at gunpoint), Latif confronts Uday which escalates into a fight and a shootout. Latif uses the distraction to escape along with one of Uday’s lovers Sarrab (Ludivine Sagnier), with whom Latif had been having an affair. The two escape to Malta but scared of being unable to ever see her daughter again Sarrab betrays Latif who is almost killed by Uday’s snipers. ¬†Uday calls Latif and offers him one final chance to return to Iraq, threatening to kill his father if he refuses. Latif says he will not return and his father is killed.

Latif does return to Ira later, to kill Uday. With the help of the father of a bride who Uday had raped on her wedding night and who later commited suicide, Latif ambushes Uday while the latter is in his car attempting to lure young girls. A few shots at fired at his car and Latif mangles Uday’s genitals with a direct shot (this assassination attempt is based on the real one in 1996). Uday is not killed and survives while Latif leaves Iraq. The movie is based on Latif Yahia’s book of the same name, although many of the events have been disputed by several people, some even claim that Uday never used doubles. Whatever the truth is, it makes for a good movie with a compelling performance by Cooper in a dual role. Philip Quast as Saddam gives you the creeps. Highly entertaining and screw the fac that it did fail at the box office. 7 outta 10!

How Often I Travel

Rarely but mostly that is also because of choice. One reason is that I hate traveling by train. Indian railways are all about the smell and stink of the trains, unless you want to pay through your nose and upgrade to first class. I hate traveling by train and avoid it unless there is no other option but to travel. I have only traveled for work 3 times in my life. The first time was back in 2001 when me & other guy from our marketing company were sent to Kanoor to meet the client and undergo a day long training under them. It was 7 hours of sitting in a train to the city, reaching in time for a 2 hour rest at the hotel (also owned by the client), an early morning hot shower and a large breakfast. Then the 4 hour training followed by their generously large portions of almost everything on their menu for our huge lunch followed by a 2 hour nap! More training in the evening after which me & the other guy walked around the nearby city area for 3 hours followed by a nice big dinner. Then 7 hours sitting in a tightly packed train general compartment, not willing to even get up to take a leak as you will lose your seat.

The other two times I have traveled for work are already well documented in my blog, a 2 day trip to Trichy in Tamil Nadu and a 3 day workshop in Bangalore. Both times I had a lot of fun and the trip to Bangalore was by bus which, although the buses were crappy with seats that had long passed their sell by date, were still comfortable. Luckily for me I never had any issues during those trips and had good, fun stories to share when I came back.

Other than that I haven’t really traveled much except to Calicut, to where I moved briefly for work back in 2002 till early 2003. I later went for a 3 day visit back in 2005 for a wedding, reception and then visiting with friends from that brief stint of living in that city. We had a nice day, which was also a harthal day, but we managed to get a couple of bottles of vodka, some eggs ala omelets, egg burgi & egg curry, some beef roast and plenty of bread & porottas. We had a drinking session that started at 2pm and ended at 9 pm. I was so satisfied and full and drunk silly. Needless to say I slept for 12 hours after that!

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Castle Season 2

At the beginning of season 2 Kate Beckett is still upset with Castle for looking into her mother’s case, which she had closed a while back as it was taking over her entire life. She feared that she would drown in it and left it. While she is still stewing in anger Captain Montgomery makes her sit with a journalist who is writing about her crime-solving partnership with Castle. Kate reluctantly sits for the interview while Castle poses with two hot models in skimpy cop outfits for the photographs. They are called to investigate a dead body found up a tree, which gets abducted on the way to the morgue, leaving them drawn into the world of drug smuggling, the Russian mob and high stakes poker in Chinatown.

Castle also apologizes to Kate for butting in and she forgives him. Next Castle & Beckett make a bet with Esposito & Ryan on who solves their murder first but find that the two deaths are connected. Then we have a model who is killed by her boyfriend who thought that she was cheating on him. While on the case Castle runs into a young model who used to babysit Alexis and he brings them together for a reunion. Castle’s first book featuring Nikki Heat is out as they investigate a conman’s death. Castle & Beckett must next solve the death of a promising young comic book writer who also was into the vampire culture. One of my fav episodes is the death of a rising music star, singer of a rock band and how she gave hints of who killed her in the lyrics of her last song.

Castle and Beckett have their hands full looking into the death of a man whose body is found stuffed in a garbage chute when two women arrive to identify the body – one claiming to be the victim’s wife, the other his fianc√©e. Meanwhile, Alexis volunteers at the precinct as part of a civics class project, and works to track down the owner of a packet of photos left over from a case gone cold years ago. Another great episode is of a man who has amnesia might have been a witness to the murder of a art gallery owner. Castle reconnects with a former girlfriend on her wedding day when one of her bridesmaids is found murdered, causing sparks to fly between them once again, and Beckett to have to deal with the possibility of being jealous. Castle tries to hide from Beckett the fact that a newspaper that ranked him as one of the city’s most eligible bachelors also linked them romantically.

The duo also investigate the death of a college student who moonlighted as a dominatrix. Beckett and Castle team up with experienced FBI Special Agent Jordan Shaw in the hunt for a serial killer with an apparent obsession for ‘Nikki Heat’ and later it turns out that Beckett herself in the next target. Her apartment is blown up but Beckett finds shelter and when the killer kidnaps Shaw to get to Beckett Beckett finds herself relying on Castle’s instincts as a mystery writer to save Shaw and herself. Then a talkshow host, who interviewed Castle on his show is dead the next morning and the investigation finds that his sidekick did it. Meanwhile Beckett starts a brief relationship with a robbery detective Tom Demming who assists on a few cases. Castle begins to feel like the third wheel even going so far as to compete with Demming in solving cases but at the end of the season he invites his ex-wife Gina, who is also his editor.

Against this backdrop, Castle and Beckett struggle inwardly with their feelings for each other, even though Beckett is officially dating Demming and Castle is severely behind in his writing for the second Nikki Heat book. Castle tells Beckett that the case will be their last for a while as he is going to his house in the Hamptons for the entire summer, finish his book and Gina joins him. Beckett is stunned as she had realize that she has feelings for an broke things off with Demming. Montgomery, Ryan, Lainey, Esposito & Beckett have a send off for Castle at the station before he leaves.

Valentine Day Protesters

Do you get these messages via email, SMS/Text, email, Twitter or Facebook posts – “Dear friends, Valentine’s day is boosted by MNC’s (or Hallmark, gifts & soft toys manufacturers, blah blah) to hike up their turnover/profit!” And then the comments to join in the boycotting of the celbration of the day and not to buy cards or gifts, giving in to the capitalist robots. Political & religions groups also get into the act. For eg:- the members of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrang Dal on Monday February 13 protested against the celebration of Valentine’s Day and called for the closure of pubs in the city on February 14.¬†They also warned that their members would take action themselves if anything offensive takes place, and that they would hand over the offenders to the police.

Most of the protests by Hindu & Muslims and some Christian complain that Valentine’s day is a Western concept which has eroded Indian culture, urging the district administration & police to take steps to ensure that youths in the country do not indulge in any immoral or vulgar acts. Right wing Hindu group Shri Ram Sene burnt Valentine Day cards to protest the celebration of February 14, terming it as a manifestation of the western culture, saying the organization is not against the emotion of love, but is bitterly opposed to its “vulgar” display. Really?

Do these people have nothing better to do? Of all the things they could do to better society they choose to do this? How insanely stupid & infantile! Morons the lot of  them.

Let me tell you, as a 35 year old bachelor I have nothing planned but if I had a girlfriend or was married, you know what I would do? If possible I would try to find ways to have a long evening with my better half. A nice dinner of her favourite stuff, maybe some ice cream or cake, a card and a little gift and spend the rest of the evening with her. All the things she would like.

If anyone would have a problem with that get of this planet you fucking idiots.

Hoping & Waiting For An Upgrade

I’ve been meaning to upgrade my phone for a very long time. I currently have my now old Blackberry Curve 8320, which is not only obsolete but after a couple of really bad falls on hard solid tiles, it’s also a little wonky.

The Curve will still accept & make calls, send & receive sms and and the normal stuff. The track ball is wonky and doesn’t work properly. I had long back cancel my Blackberry internet services, save BBM & chat services until a couple of months ago. Another issue is that phone will occasionally not read the SIM card, although the same SIM will work find without any issue but on the Curve it has an issue once or twice a week. The only thing I can do at that time is to remove then battery back, remove the battery and reinsert the SIM after removing it.

This is both annoying and can let you miss out on calls that could be important & vital for you. At the moment I can’t afford any of the Blackberry phones and I don’t want to settle for anything else. Hopefully soon I can upgrade and get a nice BB from the Bold series – 9700, 9780, 9900 or 9930 or even a Torch. Ideally I would get a load of cash and be able to get upgrade to a Bold and also get a tablet, the Blackberry Playbook. I want the 7inch version of the tablet. It would be easier to use on the go. I know some of you scoff at RIM, especially iPhone lovers, because of the recent problems that the company has suffered, but they will bounce back to being even better.¬† But first my situation should improve.

My Cooking Or Lack Thereof

I wish I could cook. My cooking is highly limited to a few things. Some of my readers will remember my tryst with cooking veggie wraps – frying onions, tomatoes, carrots & green peppers in oil, putting them in ready made chappathies which I roll for my veggie wraps. I can make excellent omelets (I seem to prefer ducks eggs, with onions, tomatoes & peppers) and bulls-eyes (sunny side ups) and use them with instant noodles like a poor man’s version of a chop-suey!

And that’s about it! I make my veggie sandwiches or egg sandwiches, I pop popcorn or soups from packets and now there’s a new thing – instant masala or pepper oats. They taste ok and are cheap enough so a quick dinner option when you can’t be bothered to go out. Along with coffee or tea that’s about the extent of my “cooking”. I wish I could cook delicious veggie or meat dishes and I especially wish I could cook fish dishes – I love fish. It’s time to learn.

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RIP Whitney Houston

American singer, actress & producer model Whitney Houston passed away last night.  She was 48. The announcement was made by her publicist to the press. The Beverly Hills Police Department responded to an emergency call at the Beverly Hills Hotel Saturday, Lt. Mark Rosen, of the Bevery Hills Police Department said. Members of hotel staff and fire department officials attempted to revive a person on the fourth floor, who has since been confirmed to be Houston, Rosen said. Officials did not see obvious signs of criminal intent, and are currently investigating to determine the cause of death, he said.

At her peak she was considered the Queen of Pop but her voice and regal image were ravaged by drug use, erratic behavior and a tumultuous marriage to singer Bobby Brown. Her¬†list of awards¬†includes 2¬†Emmy Awards, 6¬†Grammy Awards, 30¬†Billboard Music Awards, 22¬†American Music Awards, among a total of 415 career awards as of 2010. She also acted in 4 movies including The Bodyguard in 1992 & 1995’s Waiting To Exhale. By the end of her career, Houston became a stunning cautionary tale of the toll of drug use. Her album sales plummeted and the hits stopped coming; her once serene image was shattered by a wild demeanor and bizarre public appearances. She confessed to abusing cocaine, marijuana and pills, and her once pristine voice became raspy and hoarse, unable to hit the high notes as she had during her prime.

Back in 1986-90 Whitney’s songs were the one of the pop songs that filtered through in the video tapes that me & my cousins watched, recorded from various Grammy specials, Top of the Pops & other such chart shows. I first heard about her when her Saving All My Love hit the Grammy awards. Since then a few of her songs have been in our list of regulars that we played over & over. I have never been her fan but it seems that she is a part of those memories of summers spent listening & watching to lots of songs with my relatives. And it feels like I am obligated to write this post as a tribute.

PS. – at one time her name was so well know in my extended family that even my aunts & my mom, who never listen to English music, kept saying ‘Chutney Houston’ for fun as they kept hearing her name!

Whitney Elizabeth Houston¬†(August 9, 1963 ‚Äď February 11, 2012)

Fright Night (2011 Remake)

I have seen the original Fright Night, which I consider to be a horror movie classic, many times during my teenage years, I was curious as to how they were going to do this remake. I first heard that there was a remake coming early last year and decided to check out the trailer on Youtube, well before the movie was released. And I almost didn’t decide to watch this movie because of one little fact – I cannot stand Collin Farrell! He annoys me 100% and I usually avoid his movies and hate when I have to suffer him in a film, like Horrible Bosses & this one as the other actors & storyline are worth it.

So Fright Night 2011 the remake, who’s in it, what do we get & how does it fare? Well other than the Farrell, we have Anton Yelchin (Chekov from the 2009 version of Star Trek), Imogen Potts, Toni Collette, David Tennent &¬†Christopher Mintz-Plasse. The cast is good but are they good enough to offer a fresh look on a movie that is beloved & tried & tested? Directed by¬†Craig Gillespie, we have the screenplay worked on by Marti Noxon from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Is that enough?

  • Colin Farrell is the most unlikeliest of scary vampires. Atleast we have vampires being scary instead of sparkly once again. But he isn’t smooth enough to pull it off. He is annoying. And from when did vampires start eating a bunch of apples? Jerry the vampire!
  • Anton Yelchin is someone I like a lot having seen him in 4 movies now. He does a good job, as usual, as Charlie Brewster – the high school kid who battles the powerful vampire. The former nerd turned cool kid angle is thrown into for good measure.
  • Imogen Poots plays the hot, sexy girlfriend Amy who gets involved in the battle between Charlie & Jerry and she is not one to shy away. She gives as good as she gets until Jerry captures her and turns her briefly into a vampire moll. Charlie has to rescue her and needs help.
  • Which brings us to this guy – David Tennant. I haven never seen him in anything before but came to know that he plays the 10th Doctor Who (I have never seen the tv series before but I am aware of it). Tennant almost steals the show with his performance of Peter Vincent as a Criss Angel spoof magician and vampire expert. He is initially scared off when Charlie’s friend Ed, who was turned into a vampire, comes crashing into his apartment and attacks Vincent, Charlie & Amy. That scene is one highlight of the film.
  • Toni Collette – she disappears after she, Charlie & Amy escape from Jerry’s attack and there’s a bunch of stuff that happens after that. Toni plays Charlie’s mom, Jane, a sexy & flirtatious single woman. She is the one who initially injures Jerry by putting a real estate sign stake into Jerry. She then faints from a head injury sustained in the crash and is taken to hospital. Jerry survives the staking attempt, crawling around in a painful screech while looking half man, half monster. Shame that Jane doesn’t play a part in the movie after that, a shame since I love Collette.

I think it was interesting and worth an effort but I don’t think it worked. The characters aren’t really fleshed out and given much to work with, with the sole exception of Tennant who really brings his role to life. I’d watch it again probably but the original is still better. 6 out of 10!

The River : Ep2 ‚ÄúMarbeley‚ÄĚ

Holy crap! I love this show! Watching episode 2 of the new series The River at night was awesome, it did give me the creeps! Fucking awesome, we all need a good scare like this without gore & blood.

Our crew trudge on in The Mabus and look through the backup of recordings for clues to Emmett’s whereabouts. Lena hits on the idea that a bite infection that Emmett had mention to her before his disappearance would be key – they look for the bite in the tapes and as the infection grows that must be the later videos. They find a destination in the forest and decide to leave the next morning to search around for any signs of Emmett. That night a dragonfly containing the spirit of Emmett, through some means of the black magic he has been experimenting with, comes to the boat and enters the mouth of Jahel while she is sleeping. She immediately awakes and goes to Tess and starts talking to her in a deeper voice & in English (which Jahel doesn’t speak). Emmett through Jahel tells Tess to abandon the search and to leave the Amazon and go back. Tess disagrees and while asking more questions, Jahel falls into unconsciousness.

The others decides to leave Jahel in the care of her father Emilio and head out to the forest. And that’s when the fun starts. As they walk through the thick forest, they find a grave site with the buried remains of a few people who had come here before. Then they see a figure lying among some fallen trees and the sound of a little girl sobbing sadly. Tess approaches the figure thinking that to be a little girl and asks her in the native tongue is she is lost and where her mother is. As the camera pans closer we first see a face and hair of a small child, but as it turns it turns out to be a monkey that was wearing the mask of a girl’s face! When it turns and we see that the face is that of a doll and the monkey shrieks – holy fuck!

That was enough to make me sit up and press rewind (I’m downloading the series) and watch it 2 more times! Stunned & a bit creeped out, the team move on and find a site with a ton of baby dolls & other toys tied to a couple trees, looking creepier than hell. This shakes the team but one of them tells of a legend in this area of a small girl who drowned in a nearby pool of water while her mother was busy. It seems that the spirit/ghost of the little girl haunts the area and she is crying for her mother. The dolls are tied to the trees by people as a tribute to her and to appease her spirit. As it is late the team pitch their tents and try to get some sleep. They fix cameras on the trees to capture themselves settling down for the evening & sleeping. A creepy doll is caught turning it’s head to get a good look at the people in the tents. At night after some wind picks up, Lincoln is dragged out of his tent by an unseen force. They decide to leave the camp and go back to the boat only the spirit has other ideas. Lincoln is told to keep a bear that he found, Marberley which was his as a child and which Emmett possibly tied to the tree, back in the tree.

Lincoln grudgingly does so but it falls down twice. A third time later many dolls come falling down and the team runs away but Tess is missing. They search for her and find her being dragged by something into a dirty pool of water. When they jump in and can’t find her the only option they can think of is to find the little girl’s mother’s grave, which is nearby, dig up her bones and place her skeleton in the pool. The skeleton sinks down and a few seconds later, a dirty & disheveled Tess climbs out – from the grave the skeleton was dug out from. She is taken back to the boat where Jahel has also recovered. The team moves on.

Absolutely awesome & creepy, without lots of blood & gore. The River has a lot going for it. Its central premise is strong and there are plenty of opportunities for thrills, both mystical and mundane. Good acting as well. Whew! can’t wait for the next episode although it stinks that they only have 8 for the first season. Or is it a one season thingy? I don’t know but I will follow the show and keep updates here.

This Ole House Of Ours

I miss the house that I lived in from April 1987 till Sept, 2006. 19 years in that house. Well actually my family & I did spend a couple of summers in the same house during 85-86. The house was built in 1984 and it was completed in early 85 while we were still in Kuwait. We moved in completely after we left Kuwait for good and took all of our stuff – more than we should have shipped over from Kuwait actually – and spent April, May of 1987 settling in the big house. Coming from our small 1 bathroom, 2 bedroom apartment, where my sister I shared one bedroom – a bunk bed where we slept in and the dining table took up most of the space in that room – it was a big change moving into a huge house.

We had some land in front, the back and the left of the house where we planted coconut, plantain, jackfruit, mango & gooseberry trees. We also had a well. The house was built on a slight slope and we had 10 steps from the concrete ground to the veranda/front porch. We had two doors, one leading to the big living room/dining room combo, then a pantry, kitchen, store room, a second store room, separate washing room/dish washing area that leads out to the back yard area. We also had a bedroom and bathroom in the ground floor level. Upstairs we had a common open area, 3 bedrooms and a den/library that from 1997 onwards would serve as my computer room as well. Lots of space. I would spend a lot of time in my room, losing myself in my books and my music and creating my own universe.

When we had to sell the house I was initially happy to be moving to the city but eventually sadness took over. I miss the old house. It was an escape and it was beautiful. Now someone else owns the house and another family lives in it and they have made a lot of changes to the house.

Assault On Lady Passengers

Something similar to what happened to Soumya back in February 2011 another attack in a ladies railway compartment happened yesterday. Around 9am near Kuruppanthara railway station on the Kottayam bound Ernakulam-Kottayam passenger train, a man who the police later identified as Sadananda Deshmukh,  42 of Maharashtra, forcibly entered the ladies only compartment and attacked some of the passengers. Majority of the women in the compartment were students and in the melee a 19 year old Polytechnic student Jisha Jose was injured and later admitted to the hospital.

Deshmukh was apprehended by other people and handed over to the railway station master. The cops arrested him and took him to the police station but have said that initial interrogation has not yielded much results. They say that his statements are vague and that it keeps changing every minute. A case has been registered against him based on the statements of the students and other women passengers. Other eyewitness claim that he has been seen boarding the ladies compartment on other days. He is said to be acting like a psychopath in custody. The case against him is under 345 IPC for attempt to outrage the modesty of women and also charged with attempted robbery. He is remanded for 15 days.

People had been hoping that last year’s incident, which shocked the citizens of Kerala, the security of women traveling in trains would be strengthened with either guards or police stationed in the compartments. However it seems that there is still a lot left to be desired in that situation.

The River : Ep1 “Magus”

I heard about this tv series yesterday and downloaded their pilot episode (the show premiered on the 7th of Feb, two days ago) and will later tonight watch the second episode as well. The River is a spanking brand new paranormal/horror/adventure series created by Oren Peli (he of the Paranormal Activity franchise) and Michael R. Perry. Steven Speilberg is attached as on of the executive producers of this series (is there anything he isn’t involved in?) In continuing Peli tradition, the show is on found footage, a tv shown within a tv show type scenario.Veteran character actor Bruce Greenwood, Leslie Hope & Joe Anderson star in an ensemble cast.

What’s the show based on? Well famed nature explorer & tv show host of ‘Undiscovered Country’ Dr. Emmett Cole went looking for magic in an uncharted part of the amazon jungle in an expedition and went missing. After 6 months of searching for him and having no contact, he & his crew are given up for dead. 6 months after he vanished his emergency beacon goes active and his wife Tess Cole convinces their estranged son, medical graduate Lincoln to join the team she’s setup to go find him. Although he is skeptical, Lincoln agrees as the network funding the search & equipment won’t do so until he joins up. Along with mother & son we have Emmet’s long-time friend and¬†Undiscovered Country¬†producer Clark Quietly,¬†mechanic Emilio Valenzuela and his daughter Jahel; Lena Landry, daughter of cameraman Russ Landry who disappeared along with Cole; and Captain Kurt Bryndilson, head of the expedition.

They find the beacon after a couple of days but no boat or the passengers. The proceed on and find the boat, abandoned or so they think at first. A scary sound emanates from below deck, inside the panic room, which is welded shut. When the finally open it up they find a carved wooden object underneath a blanket. When Lincoln turns it over, something rushes out and injures Lena. Jahel tells Lincoln that the thing from the wood isn’t an animal but a spirit who wanders looking for blood until it’s whole. The wood is a coffin to catch an angry soul and they fed it with Lena’s blood & now it’s strong enough to kill again. Lena finds the backup tapes in the boat and a shocked crew watches as the tapes show a wild and craze-looking Emmet immersed in dark magic and panicking as he tells the camera the engine’s dead and half the crew is dead. Despite that he wants to keep going.

Later the creature attacks and kills cameraman Sammy but it gives a signal to Tess that Emmett is still alive. Tess believes that the creature is the spirit of one of Emmett’s crew. Her resolve strengthened, Tess tells the crew that they are going to find her husband.

My Favorite Music

From the age of 11-12 years old I’ve been a rocker, a metal head. And while it is true that I will always be a rocker/metalhead and that is predominantly the most kind of songs that you will find me listening to, my tastes have also branched out. I could say that I have probably a very varied taste in music when you check out what I listen to and probably among the most varied. Check for yourself. Unfortunately I’ve not found an easy way of getting my entire list of mp3s (any and all cds I have will be ripped instantly into mp3 format and saved onto my laptop’s hard drive and also I keep a backup in an external hard drive) onto a catalog list so I can display it on my website but someday I will get down to it. I currently have around 58 GB worth of music in my collection. In it you will find black metal, thrash metal, death metal, hard rock & heavy metal, alternative rock, blues, country, rumba flamenco, finger style acoustic guitar & world music. Very little pop. Don’t even think about rap!

Heavy metal & hard rock do reign supreme. It’s the music that I most identify with. It’s the music that best expresses, with melody & lyrics, all the emotions that a human goes through. There are so many songs that I feel a deep connection with because of either the melody+lyrics or just the melody in case of instrumentals. That’s why & what I listen to.

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