Bathing My Dog

I was watching a few videos on Youtube on….puppies! Different videos of puppies being taken to their new homes and getting accustomed to their new family and surroundings. I must admit that I am a sucker for dogs and puppies. Cats too, yes I love cats but if I had to pick only one, I’d pick dogs over cats any day of the week. So I was watching some videos of pups with their owners and saw a couple of videos of puppies being given their first baths by the owners.

That immediately reminded me of my Shawny, who passed away in 2005 but will always be a part of my life. Shawny a golden retriever loved getting baths. I had a big tub in the garden for her and she would readily jump in it, in anticipation of her bath. She would patiently let me wash her with water and then the herbal dog shampoo I used to buy for her. Funny thing is once I finished shampooing one side of her, she would turn around for me, without prompting, so I could shampoo her other side :) I’m telling you she enjoyed being bathed like no other!

And then I’d washed her to rinse off the shampoo while Shawny watched the water dripping off her. And ofcourse the moment it was over she’d spray a lot of the water on me as she shook it off her fur! Leaving me wet! Even if I had a special towel to dry her. I miss her so much.