I was reading a post on a guy’s blog about educating employees on operating the office computers, despite most companies having an IT department in house. This reminded me of one of my trainees at my previous work place. She was some who wasn’t  very comfortable with computers, a fact which was revealed on day one of her joining the office.

Anyways, as part of her induction into the team she needed to fill out her formalities on both paper & the online format. Since I was in charge of them until they completed their training a bunch of them used to be sent to me. I seated several of these new hires in the training rooms and made a couple of them also sit near the open area as there were more people than free systems. My purpose was to make them fill up an online form. For this girl I opened up a filled format on my sysem, opened up a blank format on another system and told her to copy most of the information, with the exception of Name, Address & other personal information.

Two minutes later when I looked she was trying to do a CTRL+C on my laptop and a CTRL+V on her system and telling the tech guys in the next cabin that it wasn’t working. Needless to say they were laughing & hooting with tears coming down their eyes while I stifled a laugh and corrected her. As long as she worked in that office, she has never been able to escape that little incident :)