I was reading a post on a guy’s blog about educating employees on operating the office computers, despite most companies having an IT department in house. This reminded me of one of my trainees at my previous work place. She was some who wasn’t¬† very comfortable with computers, a fact which was revealed on day one of her joining the office.

Anyways, as part of her induction into the team she needed to fill out her formalities on both paper & the online format. Since I was in charge of them until they completed their training a bunch of them used to be sent to me. I seated several of these new hires in the training rooms and made a couple of them also sit near the open area as there were more people than free systems. My purpose was to make them fill up an online form. For this girl I opened up a filled format on my sysem, opened up a blank format on another system and told her to copy most of the information, with the exception of Name, Address & other personal information.

Two minutes later when I looked she was trying to do a CTRL+C on my laptop and a CTRL+V on her system and telling the tech guys in the next cabin that it wasn’t working. Needless to say they were laughing & hooting with tears coming down their eyes while I stifled a laugh and corrected her. As long as she worked in that office, she has never been able to escape that little incident :)

Euro 2012 : After Round 1 Of Group Games

After the first round of matches in the group stage, let’s have a look at each of the groups. With some draws and a shocker, the predictions at the onset of the tournament have gone for a toss. But let’s look at the groups:

Group A: – seems to be going somewhat as expected. Russia having won their first match against the Czech Republic 4-1, lead the group with 4 points. Greece & Poland having drawn their opening match against each other have a point each. The Czech’s have their work cut out for them and it will be a surprise if they do qualify for the next round.

Group B: This one served the shocker as favourites to perhaps win the tournament, Holland lost their opening match to Denmark 0-1. It was painful to watch the Dutch team squander chance after chance, their finishing letting them down. Denmark will be buoyed  by their unexpected win and will be tough to beat. Germany huffed and puffed to a 1-0 win over Portugal, who look shades paler of their former selves. This is the group of death indeed because Holland & Portugal are capable of winning the next matches and throwing the balance of the group back at square one. This group is the most exciting to watch.

Group C: Croatia as expected won their match against the Irish, a comfortable 3-1 win. A highly anticipated match up between Italy and Spain which sparked for a while but failed to completely whet our appetites. Spain still seem strong enough to qualify, even fielding their starting 11 against Italy without a proper striker. Italy looked good but they seem to be lacking the star quality of old. Ireland are certainly capable of pulling out a surprise or two in their remaining matches and should not be taken lightly.

Group D: Another surprise was Ukraine beating Sweden 2-1 with a brace from Andreyi Shevachenko (damn missed that game, it looked to have been exciting in the highlights). I don’t see Ukraine qualifying from this group but if they do – all kudos to them. England and France was another match I was looking forward to and it did entertain but not as much as I had wanted to. A 1-1 drawn between them puts Ukraine at the top of the group and who saw that coming? Anyways, we still have 2 more rounds to come and I expect that we will see England & France going through. Or will Sweden come out with all guns blazing in the¬† next two games? We can only wait and see. But this looks like a very interesting group as well.

Who Makes The Best Pizza?

I only have a few options for getting real pizza in my city. Dominos, US Pizza & Pizza Hut are the ones that I have tried. Of those I have only tried a couple of slices of US Pizza and I didn’t like it. A few years earlier we had a Pizza Corner which I have tried and I think there are a couple of more places which offer real pizza but none that specialize in it.

While I fondly remember a couple of cafes that had some good pizzas among their wares, I prefer the real deal. Now I really love Dominos pizza as they have the best pizza out there. Best crust, best cheese, best topping -most delicious pizza you can currently get here. One problem – they went and changed their home delivery travel limits and now will not deliver to my area. Which is so stupid as they are quite close! I was so pissed off when I heard this that I was a little rude at the executive who picked my call. I complained to Dominos Facebook account but I don’t think they are going to change their policy just now!

So now Pizza Hut & US Pizza are the only ones I can order from, unless I go to one of the Dominos outlets. I don’t like US Pizza so I won’t order from them. I find Pizza Hut’s pies smaller – a medium from Dominos is much bigger than a medium from Pizza Hut! Why is that? Shouldn’t they have uniform radius for the sizes? And I also get a ….. buttery taste to the slices. I’m not kidding; eating PH slices is a lot like eating buttered toast with toppings! Well atleast they pizzas are good. It’s not a complaint just a weird feeling.

So although Dominos makes the best pizzas for us in Cochin, my choice for home delivery will be Pizza Hut!

115 Year Old ‘Marriage’ On The Rocks

After 115 years together as a ‘married’ couple Bibi and Poldi’s relationship looks to have come to a painful end. Yes 115 years, making all human marriages pale in comparison. Bibi & Poldi are turtles! Bibi, the female, and Poldi, the male, have lived in the Klagenfurt, Austria based zoo for the past 36 years, and were previously located at the Basel Zoo in Switzerland.

The 115-year-old Giant Tortoises have been together since they were young, eventually growing up to become a bonded pair. But now it seems that Bibi cannot stand the sight of her partner. Each of these two reptilian residents of Austria’s Reptilienzoo Happ weighs 100 kilos, and could kill the other if they wanted to. Bibi has been biting off chunks of Poldi’s shell and attacking him in their shared enclosure. After all these years! Sigh, women!

Finally, the zoo staff decided to move Poldi to a separate enclosure where he can safely avoid being turtle-pecked by Bibi. The staff has called in animal behaviorists to provide marriage counseling for the pair in the form of aphrodisiac foods and bonding games, but to no avail. I dunno if they played Barry White or not! The staffers have no idea what drove the tortoises apart, but they still hope to bring these crazy kids back together.

Here’s the quarrelsome twosome.

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

Scott Pilgrim vs The World is a 2010 comedy action movie based on the¬†graphic novel¬† series¬† Scott Pilgrim¬†by¬†Bryan Lee O’Malley. Directed by¬†Edgar Wright, the movie stars Michael Cera,Mary¬† Elizabeth Winstead,¬† Kieran Culkin, Chris Evans, Anna Kendrick, Alison Pill, Brandon Routh &¬† Jason Schwartzman. The movie did not fare well in the box office; on a $90 million budget the movie only made $47.6 million in the theatres. However as far as I have read the movie has fared much better on DVD & BluRay sales and has since gained a¬†cult following. The film revolves on a gaming theme with points for defeating opponents, life and highlighting noise & fight effects.

Scott Pilgrim is a 22 year old slacker & part time musician in Toronto, Canada living with his gay roommate Wallace Wells and playing bass for a rock band called Sex Bob-omb with singer/guitarist Stephen Stills, drummer Kim Pine and roadie Neil. He starts to date 17 year old Chinese-Canadian high school student Knives Chau much to the disapproval of his band mates & friends. However he then meets American Ramona Flowers, who has just moved to Toronto, and becomes obsessed with her as she had appeared in his dreams prior to him meeting her. He asks her out and loses interest in Knives.¬† At a battle of the bands, Scott is attacked by Matthew Patel, who introduces himself as the first of Ramona’s “evil exes”. Scott defeats Patel and learns from Ramona that, in order for them to date, he must defeat all seven of her evil exes.

Scott then breaks up with Knives and that evening meets up with the second evil ex, action movie star Lucas Lee. Scott tricks him to do a dangerous skateboading stunt and Lucas is defeated. At a concert by Scott’s ex-girlfriend ¬†Natalie “Envy” Adams & her band, Scott meets the 3rd evil ex, Todd Ingram, a bassist and current boyfriend of Envy. odd initially overpowers Scott using his¬†psychic¬†vegan¬†abilities, but is stripped of his powers by the Vegan Police after Scott tricks him into having coffee with¬†half and half¬†cream, allowing Scott to defeat him. The fourth evil ex turns out to be a girl; during a phase that Ramona says she was going through. Roxy is also defeated with help from Ramona but by now Scott is upset with her dating history. The 5th & 6th evil exes are twins Katayanagi brothers Kyle and Ken, synthesizer playing duo. During the second round of the battle of the bands, the twins are defeated by the force of the music of Sex Bob-omb and Scott earns an extra life.

The 7th ex turns out to be Gideon, a power record mogul and the sponsor of the Battle of the bands. He signs up Sex Bob-omb but Scott is upset with Ramona and the hold Gideon has over her and leaves the band. Later at a club showcasing the band, Scott arrives to fight Gideon and take back Ramona. He professes his love for Ramona and gains a sword called the “Power of Love”, which he uses to fight Gideon, only for Gideon to destroy it. Knives then crashes the scene to fight Ramona over Scott. Scott goes to break up the girls’ fight, only to accidentally reveal that he cheated on them with each other before he is killed by Gideon. In Limbo Ramona visits Scott and informs him that Gideon had planted a¬†mind control¬†device in the back of her head. Scott uses his extra life and comes back, challenges Gideon again, stating he is fighting for himself and gaining the more powerful “Power of Self-Respect” sword with which he strikes down Gideon. He then apologizes to Ramona and Knives for cheating on them.

Gideon attacks the three of them but Scott with help from Knives destroy him. Free from Gideon’s control, Ramona is sorry that she had pulled Scott into her affairs and prepares to leave. However Knives tells Scott to go after her, which he does and restarts his relationship with Ramona.

Cute, funny with the gaming theme all over the movie, it’s fun to watch if you don’t want to watch a serious movie. Really cool. 8 outta 10!

Work Around The Apartment

Now that’s some Sunday sweat & dust. Got some electrical work done at my home. Living room switch board, where we have the tv, Asianet digital box & dvd player plugged in, needed to get two sockets replaced. And in my bedroom the switchboard is quite old, having been placed in way before we moved in to the apartment. Luckily for me the electrician who had come in to check a couple of days ago was able to come on a Sunday with replacement parts. So I have a brand new switchboard in my room and an additional 3 pin socket (I only had one earlier).

The next thing was my fan. I had a new fan installed 2 years ago but the past few months it had become quite slow. The capacitor needed to be changed (not that I knew how or that itself was the problem). The fan that was quite slow is now superfast – imagine a turtle and then think of Speedy Gonzales or The Road Runner! And then yell out “¬°√Āndele! ¬°√Āndele! ¬°Arriba! ¬°Arriba! ¬°Epa! ¬°Epa! ¬°Epa! Yeehaw!” or “Beep beep” – depending on which quick cartoon character you envisioned. However the fan, which hasn’t been cleaned for a long, long time, was covered in dust and so the technician used an old sheet that I gave him to clean the blades. All that dust covered my sheets on my bed, which was ok since I was going to change them today anyway. Once he was done I took the dust covered bedsheets and tossed out the dirt and then put the sheets for washing. Then it was a broom & pan to clean up the floor and a mop with cleaning liquid to clean out the floor.

Once the guy finished I paid him and then went in for a long shower to clean off the dust and sweat. Ahh feel so good to sit under the newly improved & powerful fan. Nice. I’ll probably drift off to sleep!

Breakups & True Love

I’ve been in love more than once but only twice has it been an actual relationship. In the first case it was a great relationship for over 3.5 years but then dwindled down and slowly died out. Although I still kept in touch with her for almost 2 years (one day we would both think that there was a chance for the relationship to pick up again and another day it would like just two friends talking to each other) hoping that things would get better. I was really young when we started the relationship, she & I were 17 & 16 respectively, and by the time we stopped talking to each other I was 22. While the relationship lasted it was heavily passionate and I thought it would last forever. It didn’t and although it took me a very long time to get over her, I’m actually glad that it didn’t. The other relationship I had was with a woman much older than me and shall always remain anonymous as I would never want to cause for her family.

Now while I was in the second relationship for a much shorter time, we both knew that it wouldn’t last, there was no way for us to remain together officially due to the age difference (she is 13 years older than me) and one more reason which I cannot divulge. Hence going into the relationship was more allowing our urges & feelings to finally be acknowledge, companionship and ofcourse the sexual needs. That doesn’t mean that the feelings were any less; I remember constantly feeling guilty & cursing my bad luck that she was older than me by that many years. Had she been only a couple of years older or my age, I would have moved heaven & hell to be with her forever. She agreed with me that had we been the same age she would have been with me forever.

Post breakups I don’t think that it wasn’t true love. It was but I can only speak for myself and I always give 100% to a relationship. If I have fallen in love, and I did fall in love one more time since then, I give my entire self to the woman. I expect the same back but it need not always be the case. Breakups happen and sometimes they happen for a reason. Sometimes it’s a mutual decision and there could be circumstances beyond your control for them but it doesn’t make it any less real or true. Someday I might find the one for me or I might never find her and end up being alone till the day I die. All I can guarantee is to give the relationship, if one does come along, 100% and give the woman all of me. 100% or none at all is what I believe in.

Comics I Read As A Child

As a kid I read a lot of Amar Chitra Katha comics –¬† one of¬†India’s largest selling¬†comic book¬†series, with more than 90 million copies sold in 20¬†Indian languages. As a child the comics books that retell stories from the great¬†Indian¬†epics, mythology, history, folklore, and fables in a comic book format were a mainstay in the evenings for me & my friends. Parents willingly bought these comics for us and encouraged reading them. Along with those comics I also read a lot of Twinkle, Richie Rich, Archies and Superman, Batman and other DC & Marvel comics. Children’s books like Nancy Drew (sue me), Famous 5, Hardy Boys and I know I had one more series but I can’t remember the name right now. I know I’ve read 2 or 3 books of those as well.

Once we moved back to India, I read a lot more comics for the next 3 or 4 years because I didn’t have that community of friends living in the same building as I did when we settled down in Thrikkakara. Ofcourse I had friends but just 2 or 3 lived within walking distance and ofcourse I had my cousins but I only saw them during the holidays. And I got a lot of comics from my cousins too. Here in India I read a lot of, and I mean a lot to the point of addiction, Phantom & Mandrake comics. They were my favourites and I devoured the books for hours on end. Other than those there were a few others but I can’t for the life of me remember the names. Phantom, Mandrake and Archies were it for me. And ofcourse I loved Tintin & Asterix comics – I have both entire collections on my laptop in PDF format. The books are just ridiculously expensive to buy but I got the ebook versions for free download so who needs the book formats anymore?

Bathing My Dog

I was watching a few videos on Youtube on….puppies! Different videos of puppies being taken to their new homes and getting accustomed to their new family and surroundings. I must admit that I am a sucker for dogs and puppies. Cats too, yes I love cats but if I had to pick only one, I’d pick dogs over cats any day of the week. So I was watching some videos of pups with their owners and saw a couple of videos of puppies being given their first baths by the owners.

That immediately reminded me of my Shawny, who passed away in 2005 but will always be a part of my life. Shawny a golden retriever loved getting baths. I had a big tub in the garden for her and she would readily jump in it, in anticipation of her bath. She would patiently let me wash her with water and then the herbal dog shampoo I used to buy for her. Funny thing is once I finished shampooing one side of her, she would turn around for me, without prompting, so I could shampoo her other side :) I’m telling you she enjoyed being bathed like no other!

And then I’d washed her to rinse off the shampoo while Shawny watched the water dripping off her. And ofcourse the moment it was over she’d spray a lot of the water on me as she shook it off her fur! Leaving me wet! Even if I had a special towel to dry her. I miss her so much.

Friday The 13th – 1 To 11

I can’t believe that as a youngster, maybe 8 or 9 years old, when I first saw Friday The 13th for the first time I actually thought of it as a scary movie. Watching it again in my 30s, I was so bored and yawning as the killer – Jason’s mommy Pamela – went about killing all the camp counselors. Well the movie franchise is 12 movies long and I recently completed watching all 11 (only 3 of which I had seen since 2000 and remembered the story).¬†The franchise mainly focuses on the fictional character¬†Jason Voorhees, who drowned as a boy at Camp Crystal Lake due to the negligence of the camp staff. The camp is called as cursed and abandoned but decades later it is to be reopened again. Pamela ¬†is determined to ensure that the camp does not reopen after her son Jason (Ari Lehman) drowned in the lake because two staff members who were supposed to be watching him were having sex. So she stalks and murders all the young counselors until only Alice is left. Alice is able to fend her off and is told the truth about Jason; she is able to get a machete and decapitate Pamela.

5 years later in Friday The 13th Part 2 Alice is killed in her apartment by Jason who is still alive and hideously disfigured so he covers his head with a white cloth. He apparently witnessed his mother being killed by Alice. Jason returns to Crystal Lake to guard it from all intruders. Five years later, a group of teenagers arrive at Crystal Lake to set up a new camp, but Jason murders them. The last girl alive, Ginny, runs into a desolate cabin in the woods in which she finds a shrine of sorts with Pamela’s head placed on a table. When Jason catches up to her, Ginny pretends to treat him as his mother, which distracts him long enough for her to slam a machete through Jason?s shoulder. Jason is left for dead as Ginny is taken away in an ambulance.

Friday The 13th Part 3 takes place immediately after; Jason removes the machete and wanders off into a household and kills the couple in them. He then goes to a bigger farm and hides in the barn, killing the young people who have come to spend a weekend at the lake, when they wander into the barn. Taking a hockey mask from a victim to hide his face, Jason leaves the barn to kill the rest of the group. Once again, it is a young woman, the sole survivor who eemingly kills Jason with an axe to his head, but the night?s events drive her into hysteria as the police take her away.

In Friday The 13th Part IV : The Final Chapter Jason’s body is taken to the morgue but he is still alive and kills the staff there before returning to Crystal Lake. A group of friends partying at a rented house becomes his latest victims. After going through a rampage he then turns his attention to the kids in the house next door, Trish and her young brother Tommy Jarvis. Having read articles about Jason, young Tommy shaves his head bald to look like Jason distracting him and kills him with a large knife. ¬†As he embraces his sister, Tommy sees Jason’s fingers begin to move, loses control and begins hacking Jason repeatedly with the machete, while Trish screams his name. Tommy becomes disturbed and is later committed to an institute.

In Friday the 13th Part V : A New Beginning a grown up Tommy, who has always feared that Jason would one day return, is transferred to halfway home in the countryside. He begins to see Jason everywhere popping in here and there. As people in the woods are soon killed, it is feared that either Jason has indeed returned or that Tommy has taken his obsession to the next level and started imitating him. However it turn out that a man named Roy Burns used Jason’s persona to become a¬†copycat killer. Tommy, supervisor¬†Pam and a young boy named Reggie manage to defeat Roy. They eventually learn that Roy had a son who was murdered by one of the patients at the institution, triggering Roy to take on Jason’s likeness and kill everyone there. But at the end of the movie Tommy does wear Jason’s mask and is last seen standing behind Pam with a knife when she comes to visit him at the hospital.

The movie would later be considered retcon as it flopped and the makers felt that they needed Jason as the killer. And the franchise, as does Jason, takes on a supernatural element to it. So in Friday The 13h Part VI : Jason Lives Tommy goes to Jason’s grave one night along with a friend. Jason having been dead & buried for a many years, after Tommy killed him; but Tommy wants to cremate his remains. After digging up his grave and opening up the coffin to reveal a decaying corpse, in a bit of anger Tommy uses a metal rod to spear the body. A lightning storm just happens to be occurring on that night and Jason gets resurrected when a lightning bolt hits the rod. Jason kills the friend and Tommy escapes and tries to warn the local sheriff who locks him up on knowing¬† his history. Jason goes back to the camp and starts killing the new counselors one by one. With the help of Megan, a counselor, Tommy eventually chains Jason to a boulder that he tosses into the lake, where he leaves Jason to die.

In Friday The 13th Part VII : The New Blood Tina a 10 year old with telekinetic powers accidentally causes her father to drown when she angrily uses her powers on the pier where he father was standing. After a while, Tina a now troubled young woman resurrects Jason inadvertently when she tries to raise her father who drowned in the same crystal lake. Jason comes out again and yet again finds some horny teenagers who are partying in a house near to the lake. He starts killing them one by one until only Tina and a boy she likes Nick remains. Although they blow up Jason in the house, he still follows them out to lake. Using her powers, Tina finally resurrects her father (who looks none the worse for being dead and in a lake for all these years) who wraps Jason’s chains around him and pulls the killer back into the lake before Tina passes out.

Jason is resurrected again in¬†Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan when an electric underwater cable breaks and he comes out to immediately kill a couple in a boat and takes up a new hockey mask he finds in the boat. Jason then sneaks into a big boat carrying a bunch of high school students headed for New York City. He ofcourse starts offing the students in the boat until the few remaining blow up the boat. Thinking that Jason is dead they go into the city but Jason comes out of the water and stalks them. The two remaining survivors, Rennie and Sean, go into the sewers and finally attack Jason with toxic waste, much of his body melting as a result. After an ensuing flooding of the sewer that Rennie and Sean manage to avoid, all that is left of Jason is a young boy lying at the bottom of the sewer with a hockey mask on his face. How this is possible – no clue but as the two leave Jason’s mask floats in the sewer water ominously.

In Friday The 13th Part 9 : Jason Goes To Hell, ¬†through an unexplained resurrection Jason is still alive, and is hunted by the¬†FBI¬†at Crystal Lake. He is blown to bits by the Feds with only his black heart remaining and taken to a morgue. In one of the most ridiculous plot lines ever, a¬†coroner¬†is hypnotized¬†by Jason’s still beating¬†heart¬†and begins to eat it, causing himself to be¬†possessed¬†by the spirit of Jason. The coroner starts killing people and goes to Crystal Lake. We learn that only members of Jason’s bloodline can truly kill him and he will return to his old form if he is reborn possessing a member of his family.¬†The only living relatives of Jason are his half-sister Diana Kimble, her daughter Jessica, and Stephanie, the infant daughter of Jessica. Jason’s heart, which grows into a snake-like creature towards the end and crawls into Diana’s dead body. Jason explodes through the floor in his classic form. As Jason prepares to kill Steven Jessica stabs him in the chest, releasing the tortured souls of Jason’s victims as large hands burst out of the ground and pull Jason into¬†Hell. His mask is later pulled into hell by Freddy Krueger’s hands and we hear Freddy laughing as the movie ends.

Now Freddy vs Jason was supposed to come out next but got shelved for a while, so Jason X comes out. Unexplained as to how, Jason is back with us and is captured by the law. A scientist, Rowan Lafontaine, decides that cryonic suspension is the only method of stopping him, but Jason breaks free and kills the army personnel guarding him before he can be again imprisoned. Rowan lures him in and she traps him in a chamber but he ruptures the tank and freezes both himself and Rowan. 400 years pass and humanity has left Earth, which is now in ruins and now live on Earth 2, another planet in another solar system. A group of students with their professor arrive on Earth on a field trip and discover Rowan & Jason?s body and take it into space. Once his body is thawed, Jasn starts killing the people in the ship. He is seemingly killed, but is then resurrected via nanotechnology as a cyborg version of himself. As 3 of the remaining personnel, including Rowan, make their way to an escape pod, Jason is ejected into space and his body disintegrates as it approaches the atmosphere of Earth 2. His mask falls into a lake.

And now Freddy vs Jason, which is supposed to follow the 9th movie. A weakened Freddy realizes that he needs Jason to strike fear into the hearts of the residences of Spingwood have managed to forget him and he is no longer effective. So he resurrects and manipulates him into traveling to Springwood to cause panic and fear. However, while Jason succeeds in causing enough fear for Freddy to haunt the town again, he continues to intrude on Freddy’s territory and steal his potential victims. This ultimately sends the two monsters into a violent conflict. As a group of kids are killed, the remaining two survivors Lori and Will burn the gas tanks at the docks to blow both Freddy and Jason up. Lori picks up a machete and beheads an injred Freddy and throws the machete into the lake as a seemingly dead Jason sinks. However much later Jason rises from the water, carrying his machete and Freddy’s severed head, which smirks and winks before laughing maniacally at the audience, leaving the winner ambiguous.

Ah, thus ends a movie journey of 11 films of the Friday the 13th franchise. Ofcourse Michael Bay rebooted the franchise in 2009 with his version of Friday The 13th – which is actually better than most in the original series of movies (yeah surprisingly). Last I read a sequel to the reboot has been written but no there are no dates on when the movie is to be released.

Another WTF Moment Courtesy India

In one of the WTF India moments, and believe me there are so many, the Delhi High Court has held the marriage of a minor girl valid, ruling that a Muslim girl can marry as per her choice at the age of 15 years if she has attained puberty. Making it easier for them pedophiles.

From the Indian Express:

“This Court notes that according to Mohammedan Law a girl can marry without the consent of her parents once she attains the age of puberty and she has the right to reside with her husband even if she is below the age of 18….,” a bench of justices S Ravindra Bhat and S P Garg said. Citing various Supreme Court judgements on the issue of minor Muslim girls’ marriage, the bench said “In view of the above judgments, it is clear that a Muslim girl who has attained puberty i.e. 15 years can marry and such a marriage would not be a void marriage. However, she has the option of treating the marriage as voidable, at the time of her attaining the age of majority, i.e 18 years.”

Accepting the 16-year-old girl’s plea to allow her to stay in her matrimonial home, the bench has disposed of a habeas corpus petition filed by the girl’s mother alleging that her daughter was kidnapped by a youth and forced into marriage in April last year. The bench accepted the girl’s statement she had left her parental home of her own will to marry the man of her choice and her husband should not be booked on the charge of kidnapping. According to the habeas corpus petition filed by the girl’s mother, after abducting the girl who had Rs 1.5 lakh on March 13, 2011, the man had telephoned her threatening to kidnap her other daughter if any legal action was taken against him.

The petitioner claimed that on March 19 last year she had also approached the Deputy Commissioner of Police and requested him to rescue her minor daughter from illegal detention. As per the petition, on April 14, 2011 an FIR was registered with Gokalpuri police station in north-east Delhi alleging that the man had kidnapped her daughter.

The mother said police had not taken any action, forcing her to approach the High Court. During the hearing of her plea, the court had issued notice to police and subsequently police had produced the girl saying she had voluntarily gone with the man and married him. Since then they have been staying as husband and wife, the police told the court. On April 18, 2012 the girl had also told the court that she did not wish to go back to her parents and wanted to stay with her husband.

So that’s one law for the Muslims and another for the rest of India. How stupid can this nation get?