Four Things I Love About India

I’m gonna list four things I really love about my country:

  • The diversity of cultures: If you took away the religious stuff, what you are left with is really interesting & inspiring cultures, many of which have thrived for 1000s of years. India was not a single nation for most of it’s existence. Rather she is a coming together of many cultures, possible too many for one country of her size. Still most of the states are quite unique and going from the south to the north and the east to the west will make you wonder at the vastness of the land & varied cultures. Variety is what makes things interesting.
  • The food: just like the culture each state has their own unique style of cooking and dishes vary. Hint to all foreigners – if you think you have eaten Indian food you actually have only touched the tip of the iceberg. What you know as Indian is usually just the more common dishes you get in some parts of India. There is a whole nation of different food waiting to be discovered so don’t waste time. We have tasty snacks too that go well with coffee or tea. Next time you say “I like Indian food” (and that goes for some of you Northies as well) think again and check and see if you hit all the states!
  • India is hilariously funny : and sometimes people don’t know it. It might be unintentional but still fucking hilarious. The fake swamis & sadhus, the multiple religions, the politicians, the riots, the hassles, the strikes, the weird things that happen only in India, the movies, the music, the absurdity of it all. Indians can be very hypocritical and corporates seem to think that they thought of everything for the first time. It’s so stupidly funny. Get a life assholes. Dumb & idiotic and you guys make the rest of us laugh.
  • The women : My personal favourite! I love my redheads and I live my blondes. But…… there is something about a hot & sexy Indian girl/woman. Kashmir, Punjab, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Assam, Mizoram, Orissa, West Bengal, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and “ende  swandham” Kerala women – sexy sexy sexy. Demure, seductive, oozing with sex appeal and charm. The women will steal your hearts and push it in a blender and hit the button! Sometimes I think no women are sexier than Indian women. Sometimes. And variety is indeed the spice of life ;) Like Russell Peters said in one of his dvd specials “Indian women are hot aren’t they? Sexy. Spicy. If you are going down on her take a glass of water with you!” Hahahahaha! Ok that was weird!

What Does “Having It All” Mean To You?

I’ve stated this before but I’ll do it again. I am a simple guy with some needs. I want a nice place to call my own. I want either a medium sized house or a nice big apartment. If it is a house, I’d want a 3 bedroom + common space first floor and the below level will be a large sitting room, kitchen, dining hall, den (library plus computer room with books, cds, dvds and blurays). Nicely decorated and furnished with comfy sofas, recliners & beds. A couple of large flat screen tvs and dvd players. High speed internet all the time. A wife (hot and sexy). A nice lawn, some plants, barbecue grill out back &. A couple of dogs and cats.

Financially secure with some playing money to boot. For some shopping, having fun, drinks & dinner with friends and maintaining the library. And being able to buy the latest in laptops, tablets, smartphones at any time I want to. And ofcourse if it is a large apartment instead of a house, everything is the same except for the lawn, plants & I hope they allow us to raise dogs & cats indoors. And lots of money, good health and the peaceful, easy living of not bothering others, living a happy & content life without society or religion butting their heads in my life.

Simple? I think so. That’s all I want and need to “have it all”!