Something I No Longer Worry About

I no longer worry about death. My own anyway. I do worry about my loved ones & friends dying. And yeah celebrities that I care about. What? The world would be a sorrier place without some of these celebs!

But for a guy who has dreamed up a future where in humans accidentally stopped their aging at one point in time, and thereby almost achieving immortality of sorts, I am not afraid of dying myself. In this dream concept future of mine, a chemical introduced into the air where humans lives, meant to kill them, by an alien enemy race actually halted the aging process when combined with a material that shields all humans from outside forces and acts like a force field (too scifi for ya? ). So yeah for someone who dreams up a future where people & earth animals don’t die and can live out infinite lives in a futuristic world that is awesome to be in (not to mention, inter-planetary, inter-solar system & inter-galactic travel as common as taking a car or a bus from one town to another, I’m not afraid of kicking the bucket.

I am afraid of pain and suffering which is something I don’t want and hope to avoid. Let the death be quick, 30 seconds flat! One minute I’m alive, the next minute, after saying something dramatic – I’m gone! No illness, no pain, no nothing. Hale & hearty until the last minute. I’m not afraid of dying and I don’t believe in heaven or hell and/or any kind of afterlife. After you are dead, you cease to exist. Nothing more. You had your chance, you are dead and your return back to the universe after some decay /cremation / burial! Nothing else. And I’m ok with that. Why should I be bothered about anything after I am dead? I’m ok with all the time – the millions & millions of years – that I wasn’t alive before my birth, so why be bothered about the time after my death? I have to be ok with it and I am. So should you. Well not forcing it on anyone but you should think about it.