3 Of My Current Fav Restaurants

1. Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon has two outlets that I know of in Cochin. One is in Ravipuram and the other is in Kakkanad in Vazhakkala (not too far from my new office). I’ve only been to the latter once but their food, which seems to have a few different items than the one in Ravipuram, is amazing and hence hard to forget. I remember we had spicy sea food soup, emerald fried rice, Hong Kong chicken and a sweet & sour fish dish. Since then I have been to the one in Ravipuram a few times with my friend or with my cousin Sujith and the food is amazing. The one in Ravipuram serves drinks and so it is a big plus for us. Awesome spring rolls, giant portions of dragon prawns or Szechuan prawns. The chicken & pork dishes are great too but I tend to go with the sea food in this place.

2. The Attic

It’s not a great looking place. The ambience & decor sucks! I’m not kidding – they should do an overhaul of the place. But what they lack in decorations & style of the restaurant, they sure to make up for it in the food. Cause the Attic is one of only 2 or 3 places in Cochin that serve steaks & sizzlers! Yes the all elusive steakhouse that some of us craved for decades. I remember having sizzlers ins places like the Chariot hotel near Convent junction and once at the Hotel International but it had been years after that when I found the Attic. I’ve had the fish steak with chips and the amazingly proportioned mixed grill platter. The latter was something that I could not finish. Enjoyed the food tremendously but sheesh guys make some changes to the place. It is also small, only about 6 or 7 tables. I’m craving for one right now.

3. Hotel International

I’ve been there twice in two weeks and have only had the buffet but what an assortment of food! Granted that the time I went in on a Saturday they had a broader variety and the food tasted better (they must treat the weekend crowd differently) than the time I went in on a weekday but still it was amazing. Starting for soup, to naan or special porottas, chicken, fish, beef, pork & mutton dishes (I never have mutton as I dislike it) to noodles, fried rice and normal Indian style boiled rice. Variety of veggie stuff for those who don’t like meat. Traditional rice curries too. And the desert table is stacked with goodies that you can’t taste them all as you will be full by the time you get through half of it. And they serve beer & other alcoholic drinks too. What more could you need?

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11 Questions Answered

1. What drew you to creating a blog?
I kept a dairy when I was 15 and maintained it for a couple of years. I tried keeping a diary to note down some events and though for most of my life but I’d always lose the book and then lose interest. I started reading my first blogs back in 2001 and by 2002 I started my first blog and wrote in it weekly. This is my 3rd blog and I hope I will always have it.

2. What is the funniest one liner you’ve heard?
I’ve heard so many over the years but the one I like the most, more of a comment, is “Has anyone told you that you are angry when you are beautiful?” Works on some women ;)

3. What are you hoping to get out of your blog?
I mostly write for myself so I can remember stuff and express myself as freely as I want to. It’s where my life unfolds online and if others like it and want to be along for the ride, I’m grateful & happy.

4. Have you ever upset someone by something that you said in your blog?
A few times I’m sure. I remember a few that were misinterpretations and/or misunderstandings but there were some that were unavoidable. And some are just silly because I don’t agree with their tastes. :P

5. Are you supported in your bloggy endeavors?
Yes, a few people do. Some are vocal while others are less forthcoming. I came to know recently that a bunch of people who I have worked with regularly read my blog either here on in the links to Facebook.

6. Optimist or pessimist?
Pessimistically optimistic

7. What makes you smile?
A lot of things. A good joke or comment, pic, sunset/sunrise, music, movies etc etc.

8. If there was one thing that you could do every day that would make you happy what would that be?
I think it’s hard to pinpoint one exact thing but I would have to say if I have lived each day as much as I can and do things my way. If at the end of the day I feel “hmmm this was a good day” then whatever I can do to make it feel that way to me would make me happy.

9. Do you like the person that smiles back at you in your mirror?
Well, he’s all I got so yeah I love him to death.

10. If you could change one thing about your life what would it be?
I want to change a lot of stuff – financial security, my own place and personal happiness. They are all connected and if could change I would do that.

11. What is the most inspirational quote you’ve heard.
I’m gonna go with this – “I think anybody would have to be with out common sense to think there weren’t aliens. There are billions of planets, and I am convinced Earth is not the only one that’s inhabited. It would be quite an ego trip to think that. I think about it all the time.”