Anita & Me

I found this small, short story that I had created about 6 years ago and had managed to save onto a cd. I had completely forgotten about it and was reading it yesterday as I stumbled upon it.

This really happened to me!!

To preserve my anonymity, let’s just call me James, although that’s not my real name. And no I am not an American, cause people think that this sort of stuff happens only to Americans.

It was about 3 years ago, when I first saw her. I was working in a company that manufactures and exports leather shoes. On a Saturday, I called in sick (I dunno why, just felt like it) and went to look for some stuff to buy for my new apartment. You know some plates and glasses, a small sofa. I saw her at the book store I normally frequent in the evenings after work. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, and I mean BEAUTIFUL! Not one of those made up dolls you seen on tv, this was real beauty. I kinda fell in love at first sight. Pretending to browse through the latest John Grisham, I stole many a glance at her. She seemed lost and lonely and I wanted to speak to her. Apparently she was working there, but she must be new as I had not seen her before. I took the novel I was holding in my hand and went up to her and asked her the price. I must have seemed an idiot, as the price was printed on the back. But she smiled and told me the price and I left. I went to the store often and managed to chat with her (let’s call her Anita) once I got the courage. She was an orphan like me ( my parents having passed away the previous year in a car crash) and was new in town. She lived in a tiny apartment quite near my own, but she said that she was moving soon, as a distant aunt was allowing her to house-sit for her while she (the aunt) was taking a trip.

I soon asked her out for dinner and we started going out every 2 or 3 days. I could speak to her for hours and so could she as I gazed into her lovely brown eyes. Finally I invited her to my apartment for a home cooked meal. The evening turned out to be better than the meal, as we made love for the first time and I asked her to marry me. She said yes and I was on top of the world. Since I had only a handful of living relatives and all she had was the aunt, the wedding was planned to be a small quite affair. Two days before the wedding, when I was supposed to meet her aunt, Anita told me that her aunt had passed. It did not spoil our wedding plans as I noticed that Anita was not particularly upset at the recent demise of her only relative. Anyway, she said that her aunt had left the house in her name ( let me tell u at this point that I had never been to the house as yet and Anita had moved back to her apartment when her aunt came back, although I had not met her). So we got married and went on a brief honeymoon to a cottage in the countryside. Soon I was back at work and busier than ever as I had been given a promotion. Anita and I moved to a bigger apartment, and she informed me that she planned to sell her aunt’s house. I said fine. In the third month of our marriage, Anita seemed a little changed. She did not seem to pay much attention to me, and was ill a lot of times. I did not complain or could not as I was up to my elbows in work. Then one day she told me that she was having some remodeling work done at the house before she sold it. I couldn’t offer my help as I had little time free. And then within a few days it was plain to see that Anita was carrying child. She was pregnant and the strange part was that she looked like she was five months pregnant. I couldn’t explain it to myself but she went through her pregnancy in 3 months instead of 9 or 10. When I asked her about it, she refused to tell me until the baby arrived. Was it mine? I asked her and to that she said yes. I told her that she had a lot of explaining to do. She told me to stay in the apartment and that she would move to her aunt’s house. I let her go.

A week later (and it was now 6 months since our wedding vows) she called me to tell me that she had given birth. She was at the house. I screamed on the phone, why she didn’t got to the hospital. She just said that it was a boy. I finally went to the house, the first time that I was there. She help in her arms a baby boy, who looked kinda mature for a newborn. Then she told me the truth. Anita was an alien! She was from a planet of beings very similar to our own but much advanced. Even their babies came out to the world much sooner. That’s not all she said, my son would mature in one year; he would look in age like me. How ? why? Words failed me. Was I chosen as some kind of experiment? She then told me of the war going on in the galaxy where her planet was located. Her people and another race had been fighting for centuries. In their culture women cannot fight battles, their contribution was to bear children who would become soldiers for their war. A few hundred women were sent to Earth, as both our races were rather similar. Her job was to bear a child, teach him their ways and then send him back to her planet to join the battle. The house was actually a spaceship that had been converted to look like an Earth home. She had a smaller spaceship that was in the garage, it would take our son back to the planet. Due to shock and anger at being duped, I left the house in a rage. Anita called out to me that she had never meant to harm or hurt me in any way. Well I went back to me apartment and started drinking. I refused to see Anita or our son and went back to work. Anita would call me and tell me to see them but I could not be persuaded.

A year passed and my anger had withered a lot. I started thinking about Anita quite often. A few days later, Anita called and told me that our son had finished his training and was to leave for Anita’s home planet that night. She asked me to come. Curious, I drove to the house. Anita opened the door and she looked even more beautiful than before. She led me to the basement, which was filled with equipment from her planet, things I did not even begin to recognize. And then I saw him- my son. Fully grown; a year after his birth he could have passed of as being of my age. That’s not all he was the exact replica of me. I looked at him and wondered at the beings of their planet. He greeted me with a hug and said that it was nice of me to see him off. He went back to his preparations. The small spaceship was being readied for departure. As i studied it I realized that it was quite small, only for one. Anita told me that women after giving birth had no importance in their world at this time of war and they could only reproduce once. The small space ship was built by the both of them according to orders from their leaders in their planet – Anita was to stay back on Earth. She had no place in her homeland like all the other women of her planet. Our son readied himself and with our blessings took off for the planet he had never seen, but was raised to fight for. After we could no longer see the small spaceship in the sky, Anita asked me to help her to burn down her house before daylight. That was according to instructions. I did as I was asked and soon the place was burning brightly in the night. All traces of her home planet were now destroyed and she could never go back there again.

I asked her to come with me and we drove back to my apartment that she had left a year ago. I prepared a late dinner for us as Anita set her clothes and belongings in their former places. I could not let her live alone I told her. We would live once again as man and wife – even though we were of different worlds. As we lay down on the bed to sleep, she asked me if she could hold me. I said yes. It took us a few weeks but things went back to normal, we were like any other married couple. Although it seemed to me that she was much stronger than before. She could lift huge heavy things like they were dead flies and once during a fight that we had, I saw that behind her gentle nature was a fierce temper. Another night when we were walking home form a late night movie, a mugger approached us with a knife. Anita almost killed him, she attacked him with her hands and beat the shit outta him. I could not believe my eyes. I pulled her away (and it took all of my strength to do that) before the wretched soul was killed and we ran back to our apartment. Now I knew how strong she was, I was always on the defensive. I avoided arguments and hoped that no one else would make her angry either. Recently Anita accused our new neighbour, a young women, of flirting with me. It wasn’t true; the young lady was just being friendly but no matter what I said, Anita still believed it to be something it was not. My worst fears came true. Our neighbour went missing one weekend – she was found floating in the river two weeks later. She was missing an arm and several toes. She had suffered. When I told Anita the news, she just said that the world was such a dangerous place and smiled and went on with what she was doing. Another time, Anita had an argument with an old lady in a store. The old lady went missing the next day. I am so scared now. I dunno what will happen next. I am doing my best to keep Anita in good humour and hope that there are no more victims. But lately she has been looking at me in a strange way. Like one looks at a small bird or animal that is injured and near death. And then she smiles. Who knows what her intentions are? I hope that I am not the next.

I have to stop now. Anita is back from shopping. She likes me to spend time with her when she comes back. I better not anger her, or u know what could happen!!!