Birthday Dinner

We had a harthal (bandh/strike) declared today by the CPI(M) political party (I dunno, nowadays we can arrest anyone for commiting crimes/instigating murder & violence if they are part of a political party without their supporters rioting in the streets). So Kerala shutdown the shops, offices, business, educational institutes etc for a 12 hour period. Lots of violence in some areas. What about my birthday?

Since I couldn’t go out I thought that a quiet day at home. Watching some tv shows during the afternoon plus a light nap. After hat the evening was open for suggestions. I got some Chivas Regal whiskey and a bottle of coke. So it was a couple of drinks with a light spicy snack.

Post that I order in dinner from Chick King. I think I’m going to stop ordering from them because the buns that they serve have become smaller, the supposedly ‘Large’ portions of French fries have gotten smaller and if you order a 6 or 9 piece bucket of chicken you get atleast a couple of really small pieces. But the prices remain the same! Damn – anyway, I ordered a 6 piece chicken, 2 large fries (laughable quantity), a pepsi for my mom and 4 buns (these teeny tiny little pieces)!

The boxes below are what Chick King labels as Large for French Fries! :P Anyways, I enjoyed my meal with some more whiskey + coke and now am back at the laptop. So Happy Birthday to me. No Cake. Too old for that!

In The Blink Of An Eye I Turned 36

It’s that time of the year. My birthday again. Yes sir, my world has completed one more revolution and 366 days (since it is a leap year) have passed on by and I am  now 36 years old. Yippee (sarcasm drips)

It blows getting older. 36 – shit in 4 years I will be 40!!! We had a deal Satan – I sold you my soul in exchange for eternal youth! In my mind I am always 18 – so I could say that I have 18 years of experience in being 18 years old!

The beard, if I grow it, has some grey in it. The sideburns has a grey hair or two in them – I cut them off. I am getting further and further away from my youth – but still holding on it as hard as I can :D I have a lot to do before I can ever be happy in my life. Someday I wish to find that true happiness and be content. Till then this lonely bachelor will walk the road all alone and keep hoping.

Happy birthday to me!