Supernatural – Season 1

It took me a while to get into Supernatural. I had seen some of the first season on tv but lost interest about halfway through. Some of the elements of the series seemed great – monsters, demons, ghosts and killing them, two brother hunting to get a particular demon who killed their mother, following in the footsteps of their father who was also a demon hunter, classic rock music. Still it wasn’t enough to hold my complete attention. Sam was too ……. almost Twighlightish and I didn’t know exactly how the series would pan out. So I stopped watching it for a long time. Then a couple of months ago I caught some episodes on tv and I thought “ok, it looks a bit more interesting and so why not give it a go once again.” I’m glad I did, cause even if this is in no one a contestant for one of my top 10 or even top 20 series of all time, it still is good enough.

So starring Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester, the series follows the brothers as they hunt demons, ghosts, monsters and other figures of the  supernatural. Their father John raised them to be hunters, with Sam being the reluctant one with his longing for a more normal life. Due to a fight between Sam and John, Sam goes to college in California and lives with his girlfriend Jessica. John & Dean continues in their hunt for the demon, later revealed to be Azazeal, that killed the boy’s mom many years ago. Dean catches up with Sam in the pilot to ask him to help in the search for their father who has gone missing. After a tryst with a female ghost and finding John’s diary, Sam returns home only to find Jessica killed in the same fashion as his mother – pinned to the ceiling and being burned by Azazeal. He joins Dean in the search for their father and stopping in at towns across the US to hunt any supernatural events.

They battle a wendigo, the ghost of a young drowned victim in a lake, a demon in an airplane, several ghosts, a shapeshifter that takes on Dean’s form while trapping him in his lair, a Native American curse with bugs attacking people who now live on their land, a scarecrow that comes to life, a reaper, a haunted house, killer truck haunted by a ghost,  a vampiric witch known as a shtriga who steals  life force from kids, a haunted painting, vampires,  and run into their father. They get their hands on The Colt – a gun specially designed by Samuel Colt that can kill almost any supernatural creatures including demons. Azazeal’s daughter Meg comes into their lives. After learning that their father has been captured, the brothers go to family friend and fellow hunter Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver) for help. However, Meg tracks them down, but is caught underneath a mystical symbol known as a “devil’s trap”, which renders her immobilized and powerless.

The brothers proceed to exorcise the demon though they know it will kill the real Meg due to her injuries sustained in Chicago. Before the real Meg dies, she offers a clue to John’s whereabouts. Sam and Dean head to Jefferson City, Missouri, and rescue their father. However, Azazel soon reveals himself to be in possession of John, and attacks them. As Azazel tortures Dean, though, John is able to temporarily gain control, and begs Sam to use the Colt to kill Azazel. Not able to bring himself to kill his father, Sam instead shoots him in the leg, and Azazel flees. On the way to the hospital, the three are then crashed into by a large semi-truck with a demonically possessed driver.