Do You Believe In Soul Mates?

That is a difficult question to answer. Does a person only get one true soul mate? I believe that you can have that great relationship with more than one person. I have personally felt that I have had more than one soul mate, some one who understands me and believes in me and wants only the best for me. Who laughs at all of my jokes and gets me and who is a big supporter of mine. I call that type of supporter as my cheerleader! I have met two such women but… of them is married with kids and I have had no romantic feelings for her at all.

The other one – we met at our then place of employment when we were both 27 and she was already married by then. However we had so many things in common, we liked the same kind of tv shows and science fiction in general and we had similar other interests like the same kind of novels and favourite authors, some favourite bands, same interest in movies etc. It was so odd to click with a person who I had just met and we could talk for hours on end. She is also the same age as me and we were born just days apart, with her being born 9 days before me. It was so odd and she being rather attractive and all with a great personality and a sweet temperament, I kept wishing – why the heck couldn’t I have met her earlier in life? Sometimes life ain’t fair.

Well, so in each case I have felt that soul mate connection and keep in regular contact and I wish that I do find my real soul mate – the woman who will enter my life and be my partner and my wife. Someday, someway! I keep  hoping.