Wocka Wocka Wocka!

I remember loving the Muppets as a kid and even the cartoon series the Muppet Babies a lot as a kid. I loved the skits and songs and everything about the show and the mostly innocent humour in the cartoon series. After many years I watched a few clips on Youtube from 2009 onwards and ofcourse earlier this year I got a copy of the 2011 The Muppets Movie. I was drifted back to my kiddie years and all the fun that I had engrossed in the Muppets antics.

I love Kermit the frog and I love his voice. So I’d really like his voice. Miss Piggy is haughty & arrogant – but she’s also very confident and cool in her own way (does anyone else think she is hot in her own way?) and ofcourse Fonzy the bear does have a few classic jokes even if some are so bad that you want to scream Wocka wocka. Gonzo is the ultimate loverboy with no success but his voice is his huge appeal. And Camilla the chicken? Gonzo had that touching song for you, so you know she is one of the most loved person’s er….stuffed chickens in the world!

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