Friday Morning Blues

Mid week shift change – yes that happened. There I was going along quitely doing the general day shift when on Wednesday morning while at the office at around 12:15pm I was asked if I could go home and then come back to do the AM shift (ie 1:30 am – 9 am shift). So I left the office immediately and came back home after a stop at the Reliance office on Marine Drive to pay my internet bill and to also have a nice big cup of hot chocolate to sooth my raging head cold – that was at the Abad Food Court in Bay Pride Mall.

I couldn’t sleep at all until it was time for me take the cab to the office. So in effect I was awake for over 27 hours before I finally caught some sleep on Thursday morning. I left the office a little after 9am, post the shift, and reached home at 10am. Due to a power failure and the apartment building’s generator being down for repairs I had walk to the 7th floor and gasp for breath. It was a bit warm as well and so I quickly changed clothes, washed my feet, hands and face and went to bed. I managed a little over 5 hours of deep sleep before I woke up and had a late lunch at 4:25pm.

My shift is almost over for today as well. Infact I’m blogging on my BlackBerry while finishing a cup of tea and sandwiches for breakfast in the cafeteria. It’s been raining from 4:30am onwards and it looks to be a wet, gloomy day. I sure hope that the rains do continue and if it is a bit dark due to the clouds being overcast, then it might help me sleep better during the day.