True Blood – Season 4

So Sookie is transported to the fairy world with Claudine. There she is greeted by her grandfather who looks the same as the day he died. Sookie soon finds out that the fairies have been lying to her and other humans and she is able to see what the place & the fairies really look like. With the help of some rebel fairies, she escapes and is attacked (by bolts of fairy lightning??) but makes it back to Bon Tempes. When she makes it back to her house, she finds that a year has passed since she left and Jason had sold their grandmother’s house – to Eric! Jason is now a cop and Andy is a V addict. Meanwhile, Bill and Eric work the media to win back human public opinion after the Russell Edgington incident. Jessica learns that living with a human may not be such a good idea as the immature Hoyt continues to rely on her to cook and clean for him. Bill has deposed the Queen of Louisiana and become its King. And after town-hopping for a year, Tara has settled into a life in New Orleans as a cage-fighter named Toni, and is romantically involved with a fellow fighter, Naomi.

The newest threat to the people & vampires of Bon Tempes turns out to be a witch. esus takes Lafayette to a witch’s coven meeting; the coven’s powerful leader, Marnie, soon takes a keen interest in him. Usually a timid character, under the influence of the spirit of Antonia, whose great power allows Marnie to raise a bird from the dead. When Bill sends Eric to intimidate the witches, Antonia possesses Marnie to cast a spell on him wiping Eric’s memories. When Pam, impatient to get her maker back, becomes menacing, Antonia again inhabits Marnie, and casts a spell on Pam, disfiguring her. Marnie’s students quickly abandon her as a result. Bill has Marnie captured and imprisoned in his mansion, but she admits while glamored that she has no idea how to reverse either spell.

She is then fully taken over by Antonia, who plans to kill all vampires. Tara runs into her walking down a road while waiting for Pam to attack her, and they band together to get revenge on vampires. Antonia gathers the coven of Wiccans to fight against the vampire race. When the battle becomes too extreme, the others want out but she forces them to stay. After the massacre of the Tolerance Festival, Antonia is disheartened by seeing innocent casualties and leaves Marnie’s body, but Marnie convinces her to rejoin her as collateral damage is to be expected, revealing a shift in her attitudes. After Marnie cold bloodedly kills a member of the coven Antonia wants out, but Marnie puts a binding spell on her drawing her back in. Jesus performs a ritual to free Antonia’s spirit from Marnie. Bill shoots Marnie, killing her. However, Marnie’s spirit appears before Lafayette and enters his body. She kills Jesus to steal his power and then tries to burn Eric and Bill at the stake. With the help of Holly, Sookie and Tara, the spirits of Antonia and Adele appear and convince Marnie it is time to leave the realm of the living, which she does.

Jessica breaks it off with Hoyt and begins an affair with Jason. it is revealed that he is back together with Debbie, who is in a recovery program, and living in Shreveport. He is confronted by the Shreveport pack master Marcus Bosman about not joining the pack. He prefers not to be part of a pack, but when Debbie insists on joining, Alcide relents. He even tells Marcus he’s open to moving up in the pack to please Debbie. His relationship with Debbie becomes strained when she senses Alcide might have feelings for Sookie after he saves her life. In addition, Alcide doesn’t want the same things that Debbie does, such as a family and being more involved with the pack. Alcide also loses faith in Marcus after Marcus and his friends beat Tommy to death. He and Sam eventually team up to exact vengeance on Marcus. Seeing Marcus in his bedroom with Debbie becomes the last straw for Alcide and after Sam beats up Marcus, Alcide breaks his windpipe with his bare hands to protect Sam and abjures Debbie; a werewolf recognition that one werewolf no longer recognizes the existence of another werewolf. Lafayette ends up being possessed by a ghost who thinks Arlene’s baby Michael is her son. Although Jesus is able to get through to the ghost and the baby is reunited with Arlene, Marnie’s ghost takes over Lafayette and ends up killing Jesus, bringing heartbreak to the former.

Sam has joined a group of fellow shifters and started a romance with Luna, one its members. Sam tolerates Tommy until Tommy uses his newfound skin-walker powers to imitate Sam to fire Sookie from the bar and sleep with Luna. Sam and Tommy reconcile moments before Tommy’s death, after he imitated Sam and went in his place to fight off the werewolves.  In the final scene, a jealous and strung-out Debbie breaks into Sookie’s house and tries to kill her with a shotgun. Trying to save Sookie, Tara pushes her out of the way and is shot and killed by Debbie. Sookie wrestles the shotgun away from Debbie and uses it to kill her. Sookie cradles Tara’s dead body, screaming for help.

If Days Had 25 Hours

At the rate I’m going, I’d use that extra hour to sleep. No doubt about it. Ever since I joined this new job I’ve been changing shift timings every week, in between the week. That is making me feel so damn tired and sleepy. I barely am able to adjust to one timing when it changes for me all of a sudden. I am flexible but when it happens mid week and 3 weeks in a row it is bound to cause havoc with my internal systems. And it has. And it looks like this mid week change is going to happen for the 4th week in a row, the following week. I do not know if this is going to be there for long but it is not good for my body.

Sleep after a night shift is not consistent. On a good day I can get 6 to 7 hours of sleep but it’s usually like 4-5 hours in the afternoon plus an additional 1 or 2 in the night before I have to get ready for work (if it’s a night shift, I usually do a 1:30 am to 9am shift so I have to be ready for the company cab by 1am). Which means post dinner I try to sleep 10pm-12am or something to that effect, wake up, get some coffee and keep myself energized enough to go down to the ground floor and get into the waiting cab.

I’m not that young anymore, so spring chicken and therefore I need my sleep. This night shift stuff is a game for a younger man. Let’s see how it goes, because I was told that it’s not permanent for me and I will soon be back to doing only day shifts. I truly hope so just for my health’s sake. Until then, an extra hour a day would be nice.

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