Dating Scene

Ah, the dating scene. To be honest I have only gone on a few dates with a handful, ok less than a handful of girls/women in my life. I had a steady girlfriend for about 5 years and after that broke up I’ve gone on a few dates with girls I has an interest in and in some cases I have gone on multiple dates with the same girl but not in a very, very long time. I have stated in my blog once before about the worst date I have been on, and to be fair it was at a party with a bunch of other people around but she was my date and I was going to the party only because she invited me to come. In hindsight, it was truly hilarious but at the time it was the worst thing to have to go through.

Usually I would ask the girl, like my steady gf for those 5 years, to come out for a date. This was during my teenage years and early 20s which was during the 90s and let me tell you that it was a lot harder for young couples in their teens to date out in the open where I live. Nowadays you have a lot more places for these couples to go and it’s a lot more free these days but back then it was like conducting a secret mission. Parents, relatives, neighbours and classmates cannot know lest someone lets it slip and then all hell breaks loose. We would visit a library that was atleast 40 minutes away from our houses and therefore the chances of our folks finding out were highly unlikely. After about an hour there I would take her to this ice cream parlour owned by a couple I was friendly with and it was a safe place for us to sit and be together. Once or twice we have met at a mutual lady friend’s house.

By the time I was 21 we had broken off and I tried to be casual about girls and never took anything seriously. Dating was still very hard and I have only dated 3 other girls other than the ones mentioned above. By this age I’d try a lunch out or coffee and snacks at some small cafe in the city. Usually it would be me asking after a lot of practicing in front of the mirror and if surprise! surprise! the girl agreed I would fix a time and a place and we’d meet there and I’d try to be my “charming” self and try not to act like a fool. Then a couple of times I have asked out and gone with women I really did not like that much at all! Do not look surprised, I just did. I asked and they came out and we’d have a lunch or something in a nice place but it’s not like I wanted it to blossom or forma relationship at all. Just because I wanted to know what it would be like to go out with them and that’s why I asked. I remember on one of those dates within 10 minutes I wanted the whole ordeal to be over, not because the date was bad but I’d wonder what I was doing with that particular gal, and couldn’t be happier when it was over. I must have been going through a weird stage or something!

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