Keep It Clean

If I am heading to work in the morning then I take a 20 minute shower say around 8am. Best thing to freshen yourself up in the morning is to brush your teeth, shave and then take a nice long shower. In that order; shakes out any left over sleep remaining in your head. Especially if you use a lime essences in your soap and a nice shampoo. Best thing ever when your senses get awakened.

When it gets too hot it’s good to take a shower in the evening once you get back from work as well. Cause you know, sweat and dirt from the busy day plus using public transport and all that shit. It’s good to get that done as soon as you reach home. I’d prefer doing that to showering after dinner and just before I get to bed. Some people like that but it’s not for me. So during the really hot days, here’s a tip. Take a shower about 15 minutes after you get home.

I’ve been doing late night shifts for my new now 2 month old job. That’s 1:30 am to 9 am people. Although I am moving back to day once again. Anyways, if I am doing that shift then I usually take a long bath or shower at 8pm (it’s a trend, do you see it?) cause I don’t like to take a shower after dinner. It still leaves me feeling all fresh and clean by the time the cab comes to pick me up at 1 am. Happy thoughts, stay clean and shower atleast once a day.

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Straight And Stiff

Young Timmy was in the garden pulling earthworms from the ground. Grandpa watched over Timmy playing in the sun and said “Timmy I bet you can’t put the worms back in their holes!” A defiant Timmy replied “I sure can grandpa”. And so young Timmy tried to push the worms back into their holes in the ground. But he found it impossible to do so as the worms were wriggling and were never straight enough for him to do so. After an hour of this Grandpa laughed and said as he went inside “If you do manage to push them in I will give you $10.”

Timmy was bright and he though and though and thought of a way to push the earthworms back into their holes. That evening he passed by his elder sisters room and thought of an idea! The next morning out in the garden he showed Grandpa that he was able to push the worms back into their holes. Grandpa was surprised and asked him “Timmy how do u manage to do that?” “Easy grandpa, I used my sister’s hair straightening spray on the worms. They become stiff and straight and therefore easy to push back into their holes!”

Grandpa was surprised and gave Timmy a $10 note. The next day grandpa came over, patted Timmy on the head and gave him another $10 note. Timmy said “Grandpa you already gave me $10 for the bet you lost!”. Grandpa smiled and said “I know son. This $10 is from your grandma!”

;) Got it?