Slave is a 2009 movie directed by Darryn Welch and starring Sam Page, Natassia Malthe, Michael Maxwell.  The movie is mostly shot in Spain and is about the horror stories of what can happen to a beautiful woman in a strange country. On the surface it’s another movie about Americans who go on vacation overseas and then all hell breaks loose when mad men & psychopaths come after them, kidnap them or worse. However the twist at the end of the movie more than made it a bit different to keep me interested and think that it wasn’t a bad movie after all.

Most of the movie is narrated by David Dunsmore who tell us about his gangster father Robert, a former boxer, who spent most of his time with various women. Finally David’s mother had enough and moved herself & David to the US and started life afresh. David strived hard to be the opposite of his father – hard working, reliable and loyal. He also falls in love with the beautiful Georgi and they get engaged. However he loses his job just as he is to head out on a vacation with his fiance. Georgi wants to meet David’s estranged father cause she wants to see how David will look like “when he is old & fat.” So the lover head out to Spain and are greeted at the airport but Salim, Robert’s longtime friend, associate & fellow British expat in Spain.

Salim takes them to the huge villa that Robert owns. When David and Georgie arrive at Dad’s house, he’s not there but leaves them a note saying that he can’t wait to meet Georgie when he sees them tomorrow. Later that evening, they have Salim drive them to a hot nightclub and say that they will take a taxi back home. At the club they are initially refused entry but on hearing that David is Robert’s son, the nightclub owner comes to invite them and sets them up with a little drugs and some champagne. When David goes to the loo he comes back to find Georgie, who he had left dancing after taking the pill, missing! A frantic David immediately asks everyone where she went, but the staff as well as the other patrons have suddenly come down with a severe case of amnesia. What did she look like? Who was she again? He is soon thrown out of the club and told to go home. A complaint at the police station leaves him disenchanted as the chief asks for a bribe just to do his job.

David turns to his father for help but Robert tells hiim that when women come to Spain for the first time, it’s natural for them to get caught up in all of the atmosphere and excitement and just run off. She’ll come home, he says, when she’s ready. David gets upset and leaves, upset with his father. He meets up with a man he saw at the club and accosts him at his bar. This other man, a Spaniard tells him about the White Arab, a nasty sort of gang lord who abducts beautiful women and keeps them as sex slaves on his big white yacht. He uses drugs to sedate them until they break and they comply to the sexual needs of him and his associates. This man’s sister is also onboard but he hasn’t been able to infiltrate the White Arab’s boat. David and him decide to head out that evening to climb aboard and rescue the women. At the same time Robert makes a plan with Salim to visit the White Arab and get Georgie out by force. That night while Robert & Salim are “guests” of the White Arab, Robert is taken down to meet the new “recruit” Georgie.

David and his new friend bust aboard the ship and kill a bunch of the men there with machine guns. Salim is killed in the gunfire. The Spaniard goes to find his sister sitting with the Arab, who is holding a knife at her throat – she is now his wife and refuses to come with her brother. In a fit of anger he shoots at the Arab who slits his wife’s throat with the knife – both husband and wife die. The Spaniard goes mad with grief and kills himself. David runs into Robert who is trying to help Georgie up, but mistakes it for Robert trying to take advantage of the drug dazed girl. The two fight and David gets the upper hand when Robert is distracted by the sound of gunfire – the Spaniard shooting himself! David kills his father with his bare hands and then leaves the boat with Georgie. At the end of the movie David narrates that a week after they reach home, Georgie leaves him, unable to get the horrific images and her turmoil out of her mind.

Although it starts out like a typical abduction movie in a foriegn country, the last 10 minutes really do make it worthwhile. The White Arab is a truly menacing & dangerous looking man, mentally torturing his slaves. 6 out of 10!