The Only Villain I Love

Well as much as I admire some villains in a movie or a book but I’m mostly old fashioned in the sense that I root with as much as passion as the next fella for the good guys. The ones who stand for truth, liberty, justice, goodness and fairness. That’s how most people do I guess. Ofcourse the exceptions are the anti-hero, the wronged character who then doles out the justice his own style and takes matters into his own hands or the ones that beat the crap out of a bad or corrupt government or system.

But yes there is one villain that I and, from what I have seen or heard, a lot of other fans of the movies that this character appears in do support. And we cheer and we yell at the screen and we do all sorts of encouragement even though most of the movies have been shot in the 80s, a few in the 90s and 1 in the last decade – as if we were going to affect the outcome. And that is Jason Voorhees from the Friday The 13th movie franchise. Yes that Jason – the man behind the hockey mask, although he didn’t have a mask for a couple of movies, the man with the machete. He is probably the only villain that I have ever rooted for – yep not even Dracula (a character I just love) can take that claim!

And that’s because you see, Dracula is mostly evil even though he has oodles of charm and style and grace. Jason is a simpleton, isolated from the outside world for so long by his mother after he was presumed to have drowned in Crystal Lake. He knows nothing and probably was made demented by his mother’s lunatic rantings. Therefore he has no choice but to be a killing machine, fueled by his own rage and by what he considers to be punishment for immoral acts! He only knows one way; stalk and kill his victims one by one and in the process he kills a lot of likeable people too who haven’t done any harm. How he gets his magical resurrection powers is not really explained and I have had to shake my head and not think too much about the ways or number of times in which he has come back to life and continued killing. So Jason it is. Watch out – he’s right behind you. And all he wants is a hug!

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