The Lure of Money

Hmmm, now that is a question. I’d like to think that there is a limit, of decency and honesty, beyond which not just me but everyone would not go beyond when it comes to doing something for a nice big fat check. That’s what I’d like to believe, though how true is it when some people are concerned? There are things that we might do in times of desperation and you really need that money but other than that, would you do it? I might do some questionable things just to save a loved one’s life, like a hospital situation and I don’t have the money for it and if this questionable thing comes up for a large wad of cash then I’d do it. But there would a limit to what we or I can do for money, even if there is a loved one’s life at stake.

What if it isn’t a case of life or death and just money related? A business venture? Something at work, a sale or a project to be closed? How far would you stoop to ensure that it went through? I am reminded about an episode of the tv series Traders in which a character, played by actor Peter Stebbings, is desperate for a project to be closed with a large sum of money to be made in the process. Something happens and the project is in jeopardy. Stebbing’s character rushes to the client’s hotel room and pleads for another chance to close the deal with the missing details added. The client says that the deal has to go through that night or else not at all. Stebbings is ready to do anything – and the client, a male, says that if he sleeps with him, he will go through with the sale! Stebbings’ character, although not gay, is desperate enough to agree and does have sex with the client. The next morning he is a hero at the office for the contract going through! But he is never the same again and leaves the firm unable to come to terms with what he had to do.

Would you kill someone for money? Rape someone? Cut someone up? Burn a house or some other building? Shit in public? Pee on someone? How low would you go? What is that line that you will not cross?

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A Bit Of Shopping

I’m not a guy who really likes going shopping. I spend all of 30 minutes buying shirt – 10 minutes to select 2-3 shirts, 10 to try them on and see if I like them and they fit and the final 10 is paying for them and waiting at the check out line at the big store that I usually go to. I so don’t like spending hours and hours in store, unless they are music stores.

Anyways, I had a bit of a purchase these last two days. Went to Heels to buy a new pair of shoes. These were a bit more expensive than the ones I usually buy but I love them. They are so comfortable, the soles inside are so cushiony and so good for my feet. I love the feeling of my feet against them. They make me wanna dance, dance, dance!

From the same place I also bought a belt. Long belt for the big guy. Here it is all coiled up like a snake and ready to bite!

From ebay India I also bought a new optical wireless/USB mouse. The USB dongle is one of those really small, compact almost hidden ones that get tucked away on the side of your laptop or desktop once you stick it in your USB drive. I prefer those kinds.

There were many other models that I could have gotten and I was a bit confused as to which one to take. However most of the ones with the fancy lights or designs that I wanted had the big dongle and for lack of space I decided against getting one of them. This one is smooth, very sleek and looks absolutely cool. Works amazingly well too!