The kind that annoys me :

Email : Nigerian scam mails, UK lottery or some other kind of shit like a long lost relative or someone leaving you a bunch of money! Who sits and makes up shit like this? And sorry if I offend you but you have to have shit for brains if you fall for this. You are an even bigger fool if you think that someone is gonna fall for this. I also hate patronizing and fake mails from online shopping websites; “we were worried about you since you haven’t been purchasing from our site in the last 2 months”!!! Piss off! You miss my money. I’ll purchase when & if I want to.

SMS : payment reminders, alerts for sales & discounts and unwanted solicitation. Also ones from which I haven’t applied for and especially from my mobile service provider. A bunch of stuff I have had blocked but I still get from a lot of web based services. Other than that anything that relates to cricket, Bollywood movies/music, politics and religion! That’s it!

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