A Music List

Most annoying songs at this moment: every rap, hip-hop, dance song on Mtv & Channel V. Hindi, Tamil & most Malayalam movie songs apply too.
Song that most remind you of waking up in the morning: No Rain – Blind Melon;
Songs best to drive to in the morning (to work, etc): Cherry Pie- Warrant; Here I Go – Whitesnake
Songs best to drive home from work to: Pinch Me – Barenaked Ladies;  5 o’Clock World – Drew Carey Show theme; How Long Can A Man Be Strong – Jeff Healey
Songs best to listen to while night driving: Here I Go – Whitesnake; Going Home – Dire Straits; Santa Ana Winds – Survivor; Hotel California
Songs best on a sunny Sunday afternoon: If I Had A Million Dollars – Barenaked Ladies; Nothing Else Matters – Metallica
Songs best to listen to at night while at home: I Will Remember You – Sarah McLachlan; Swimming In Your Ocean – Crash Test Dummies; Immortality; Jeremy- Pearl Jam; Catch The Rainbow – Rainbow
Songs that remind you of your childhood: Money For Nothing – Dire Straits; Final Countdown – Europe; I Just Died In Your Arms – Cutting Crew; Don’t Forget Me – Glass Tiger; Land Down Under- Men At Work; When The Children Cry – White Lion
Songs best to get ‘pumped’ to: Alive- Pearl Jam; Born To Be Wild – Steppenwolf; Summer Of 69 – Bryan Adams; Eye Of The Tiger – Survivor; Enter Sandman – Metallica
Songs that make you pensive: Thief – Our Lady Peace; Mmmm, mmm,mmm – Crash Test Dummies
Songs best for rainy days: Superman’s Song – Crash Test Dummies; Amongst The Waves – Pearl Jam
Songs that remind you that you’re in love: To Be With You -Mr.Big; Patience – Guns n’Roses; Suzanna – Art Co; Thought I Died & Gone To Heaven – Bryan Adams
Songs that remind you of travelling: Leaving on a Jet Plane – Chantal Kreviazuk; Born To Be Wild – Steppenwolf; Here I Go – Whitesnake; Take It Easy – Eagles
Songs that make you laugh: One Week, If I Had A Million Dollars- Barenaked Ladies; Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong – Spin Doctors
Song that makes you sway: Sweet Surrender – Sarah McLachlan
songs that make you cry: Winter – Tori Amos; Someone Else? – Queensryche; In Hiding – Pearl Jam
songs that make you feel ‘sexy’: Ice Cream – Sarah McLachlan;
first 3 songs at your wedding [if there is one]: Still The One – Shania Twain; Heaven – Bryan Adams

ROSHAN’S ELEVEN : Favourite Songs

This list can change from time to time but some of them remain always.

  • Thief – Our Lady Peace
  • Amongst The Waves – Pearl Jam
  • Robert McKenzie – Paul Gross
  • No Rain – Blind Melon
  • What A Good Boy (live version) – Barenaked Ladies
  • Limelight – Rush
  • Wanted Dead Or Alive – Bon Jovi
  • Here I Go Again – Whitesnake
  • Nonstop To Nowhere – Faster Pussycat
  • Winter – Tori Amos
  • I Will Remember You – Sarah McLachlan