Morning Person vs Night Person

I am definitely not a morning person. There is nothing worse than waking up early, it should be banned. I usually wake up at 7am but anything earlier than that and I turn into the Hulk! I just don’t get why a lot of people like waking up earlier than that – 6am, 5 am – what the fuck is wrong with you? “Oh no, that is the best time to go for a jog or go for a run? Roshan, you want to come and join us, joins in a run?” – why, are we being chased?

Here’s how to tell if you are a morning person or not – wake yourself up somehow (alarm or something) at 5 am and then go back to sleep. There are very few things in this world than to experience early morning sleep! Amazingly luxurious, satisfying and sweet feelings occur when you do go back to bed, especially if there is a bit of chill in the air. If you feel that is one of the greatest feelings in the world to go back to sleep at that time, you are not a morning person! If you could take it or leave it, then you are a morning person. I hate waking up early and could sleep till 8 or 9 am if given the choice or allowed to. I can however stay up later than usual especially if I have had a late morning and not feel the effects too badly. I have done night shifts and hence that has helped me a lot. However there is a problem.

I have noticed that as I have grown older it is becoming more and more difficult to stay up late in the night. At 36 years of age, I feel that during a proper working day I need atleast 7 hours of sleep during the night just so I can wake up at 7 in the AM. That is odd as I used to get by with just 5 hours of sleep on most working days. But I can’t do that anymore and I just noticed this change started just a couple of months ago. So now I need 7 hours every day. As for the night shifts – I just can’t get enough sleep. I managed to get 4 hours here and another 2 more full hours later if I am lucky. I end up feeling like a zombie and fuel myself with coffee. But I still can manage to get through the day and be productive. However that was playing havoc with my system and my health had suffered as a consequence. I am going to avoid doing night shifts as much as I can going forward and only do it if it is absolutely necessary.

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