Kerala High Court Wants To Liquor Day Ban

“Aiming at reducing liquor consumption, Kerala High Court has suggested prohibition of liquor sales and its consumption till 5pm and also sought penal provisions to dissuade people from hitting the bottle during day time. The government had prescribed separate timings for bars in panchayat and corporation areas which was challenged by bar owners. The single judge had upheld their plea. The Bench held that providing liquor in the morning in every bar hotel would certainly encourage drinking during working hours which would not only affect work, but would lead to alcoholism as well. It also asked the government to make penal provisions against consumption of alcohol during day time.

Alcohol is consumed while people relax in the evening after their work. No man in his right senses would consume alcohol while at work. But those in the habit of excessive drinking turned out to be alcoholics in course of time and would reach a stage at which only alcohol would keep them normal, the Bench observed. The government said it was in favour of the suggestion, but did not want to take a decision in a hurry. Kerala tops in per capital consumption of liquor whose sales last fiscal had crossed Rs 7,000 crore and this year it is expected to touch Rs 8,000 crore. During ‘Onam’ festival on August 29 and 30, liquor worth Rs 70 crore was sold.”

They cannot catch criminals, con artists, corrupt politicians, murders, cannot solve crimes committed by members of the clergy or a political party, the roads are in a terrible condition, we have really bad infrastructure, facing a power shortage, need to improve educational standards, create jobs for the unemployed etc etc – yet these sons of bitches are worried about people drinking before the evening hours??????

Some asshole minister commeted that only alcoholics drink during the day – So I like to go on a Sunday morning at 11 am, get some coffee and a late breakfast and read a book while relaxing in the cafe till 1 or 1:30 pm. After that a short walk later I feel like having a couple of beers or a few vodka with my lunch and once that is done, come home for a nap or watch a movie and by 7pm or so I am fresh and relaxed – and the High Court & my government wants to restrict that because of some idiotic ideas that they have!!