Tweet, Tweet!

Twitter is never a time waster. Nothing in social networking or the internet for that matter is a time waster if you know what you are doing. It’s the people who waste their time if they do not know what they want or are looking for in Twitter. Someone who, say, whose idea of social networking is just Orkut, as a lot of people I know have, then Twitter will not work for them. Twitter is not Orkut and is miles ahead in usefulness. And to tell you the truth, Orkut is so fucking cheesy!

Ok, so only 140 characters, no problem? It still is great. Compared to that Orkut is still being used almost like a chat program by many of my fellow Indians. “Hi how r u?” reply “I’m doing great, how about you?” reply “missing you”! That’s not what it’s supposed to be. Posts after posts after posts of the same old crap until I finally cancelled my Orkut account. Never do I want to use that shit again! And all those glitter-art gifs and logos and nonsense – Orkut is so yuck! And that’s because people used it in a stupid way and the site itself is so dumb!

And although Facebook is the one you have to compare it to, Twitter is miles ahead and those who don’t use it will never be able to understand the fun that a lot of us who do use it have. It’s great for sharing links, images and thoughts. And ideas! Everything you can think of – so what if you have a 140 character limit, use more than one tweet to send your message across to your followers. Plus it’s a great way for someone famous to keep in touch with their fans and pass along information and converse with them. So use Twitter and chuck out Orkut! That’s all!!

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