Long Island Iced Tea @ Couchyn

I had my very first Long Island Iced Tea at the Couchyn lounge bar this evening. I think this version had – gin, rum, vodka and maybe a dash of tequila with some lemon juice. Not too sure if a little cola was added (I forgot to ask). As for the taste, I could mainly get the rum & gin and certainly the lemon juice flavour which was quite strong. Quite refreshing on a hot day. It’s expensive, even though it’s a huge tumbler, and so I only had one. But not bad, I’ll be having it once in a while.

My Time Online

Hmmm, let’s taken an average day, a day that I do not have to go to work and am completely free. And let’s say that I am at home for that day. I will be online all the time. I might be downloading some tv series or a movie or I might be actually sitting at my laptop and browsing, blogging, reading other blogs, commenting, spending time on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook etc. No matter what it is always on. When I go to sleep or I’m watching a movie on the lappy, the connection is still on and downloading some files for music or movies/tv.

On a work day, I wake up at 7am, get my morning cup of coffee and immediately go online to listen to some clips and check Facebook & Twitter. I take a shower, shave and then switch the notebook off and go to work. I check my mail, Tweets and Facebook replies on my BlackBerry from time to time while at work and on the bus to and fro. Once I get back home, it’s straight to the laptop and connecting to the internet as soon as I get to my room. Yes even before I change my clothes to something more comfortable.

So do you think that is too much? Me, I think I need more time online :P

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