Me + 10…

In 10 years, I hope things are a lot more different. I wanna lose some weight, gain a lot of money. Have my own place. A nice big place with place of me and my stuff. And I want to get even more stuff, like I want to decorate my place the way that I want to and if I had the money to do so I would do so. Plus I need to be able to get those things easily and then I can do things to my place, my way.

I’ll be 46 by then and I hope I haven’t lost all my hair. As it is I’m balding but if it’s going to go all the way I hope it goes at a very slow pace. It’s inevitable that I’ll be losing most of it but it can wait until I’m much, much older. I also don’t want to grey that much in 10 years that I need to resort to dyes and stuff. I don’t want to do that but 46 isn’t an age when I want to have lots of grey hair either!

I’d love to be financially secure and spend without the fear of being short on cash at a later stage. A couple of extra sources of income, all legal ofcourse, wouldn’t hurt. I want to be able to buy the things that I want and also provide for my family & loved ones with ease. Also the extra income will mean that I don’t have to do a full time job, going for an 8 or 9 hour job 6 days a week. Be able to do some stuff at home over the phone or online for an hour or two, take the rest of the day off to relax and the money still rolls in.

And ofcourse, the better half. I sure hope that I do find Mrs. Roshan sometime soon and fall in love and get married. Have a healthy, loving & caring relationship. A couple of dogs & cats to share our love with. Not too sure about kids and therefore just furbabies. That’s all I want! The rest will flow through :)

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